Podcast: Ep#191 “I wake up every morning thinking about how to contribute” (ft. Nataly Tormey, Founder and Director of Parentmedic Franchises)

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Today on Eden Exchanges we spoke to Nataly Tormey, who is the Founder and Director of the Parentmedic Franchise businesses, community-based education businesses educating parents in ways to care and be prepared. Listen as Nataly delves into her background, describes what inspired the creation of Parentmedic, what is inspiring about the opportunity and how you can become immersed in the Parentmedic world.

Discussion Points:

Nataly Tormey – Founder and Director of Parentmedic Franchises
  • Background
    Nataly discusses her professional background, her current role and how she came to create the Parentmedic business
  • The sector as it is
    Nataly chats about the community education sector in Australia
  • What is Parentmedic?
    Nataly explains in detail what Parentmedic is and what the program involves
  • The marketplace
    Explore the demand for community education services, learn about other community helper programs and why Parentmedic is a good business opportunity
  • How the program happens
    Nataly describes the steps involved in creating a Parentmedic program in your community, the role of a franchisee and how parents and alternative carers participate in the program
  • Stage of development
    Parentmedic’s position as a business opportunity, the way forward and what is needed to expand the business further
  • Why we need Parentmedic!
    Nataly explains why business ventures like Parentmedic are important for the future and why more parents and caregivers should be actively involved early on
  • Parentmedic followers
    Nataly describes the many people who help her develop the business, the community support available and much more
  • Achievements so far
    Hear what Nataly describes as the journey of Parentmedic and where she sees the business in the future with more specialised topics and related pathways
  • The best thing about the Parentmedic offering
    Nataly details what she thinks is best about operating in the community education sector and why she can’t stop smiling
  • A piece of advice 
    Nataly offers sound advice on becoming a franchisee and what to consider before jumping into the Parentmedic opportunity

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About The Business

Parentmedic provides community health education for parents through an information-only health education experience. They do this by connecting parents to qualified and experienced health educators, as well as helping educators reach more parents. This is your opportunity to join our established company, with highly motivated operators experienced in branding/marketing/sales operations. As an organisation, we are passionate in supporting families, and therefore this would an ideal pathway for someone who has built a wealth of knowledge in their career who are ready for a more flexible role. Parentmedic are looking for new franchisees who have passion for helping, good communication skills, a friendly nature and a drive to give back to their local community. They see the bigger picture of empowering parents and carers with access to the knowledge and skills they need to confidently save their child’s life regardless of cultural or socio-economic background.