Podcast: Ep#190 “In an uncertain time for small businesses, Urban Clean has thrived” (Ft. Reggie Chen Franchisor for Urban Clean in Brisbane’s South and The Gold Coast).

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Today on Eden Exchanges we spoke to Reggie Chen, who is the Franchisor for Urban Clean in Brisbane’s South and The Gold Coast. Listen as Reggie talks about his professional story so far, the logistics and realisms of running a business like Urban Clean in economic uncertainty, the benefits of the franchise and much, much more.

Discussion Points:

Reggie Chen – Urban Clean Franchisor for Brisbane’s South and The Gold Coast
  • Background
    Reggie’s professional background and how he came to be a part of the Urban Clean team
  • The benefits of an Urban Clean clean
    What Reggie believes is the unique proposition that is Urban Clean and its higher standards of cleaning
  • The thriving cleaning sector
    How the events of 2020 have affected Urban Clean and businesses like it
  • Stability amidst uncertain times for businesses
    Reggie discussed why he thinks many are treating 2020 as the year to be safe and financially secure and why he believes it is a good time to invest in a business
  • Training & support
    The training Reggie received when he joined the team and the relationship between the franchisor and the franchisee at Urban Clean
  • How franchisees are making the most of it
    How new franchisees make the most of their initial guaranteed client contracts to set up their business for growth.
  • Franchisee success stories
    Reggie shares the success story of one of his franchisees as they switched from Real Estate to Commercial Cleaning and thrived
  • The ideal franchisee
    Who Reggie thinks is the ideal franchisee
  • Taking on the Australian commercial cleaning market
    Tips and suggestions on how to approach the Australian commercial cleaning sector and how to utilise the Urban Clean business model to build your business
  • Getting in touch
    How to get in touch with Reggie and learn more about a franchise opportunity

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About the business:

Since franchising the business in 2014, nearly 100 franchisees have joined Urban Clean. Urban Clean has established a national footprint and cleans offices, gyms, medical centres and provide deep hygiene cleans throughout Australia.

An Urban Clean business targets the profitable segment of the commercial cleaning market. The service is designed directly around this target market and uses industry only technology and systems to deliver on customers’ unique needs. Our sales system to secure new cleaning contracts is unique and second to none in the industry.

The commercial cleaning industry is huge. Billions of dollars get spent every year, to keep businesses clean. A commercial cleaning business is a truly great way to earn flexible extra income after hours.

We invite you to explore this exciting opportunity. The Urban Clean team look forward to meeting you in person in the near future.

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