Podcast: Ep#151 “Simply Helping is only going to grow as people growing older want to stay at home” (Ft. Keith Batson, Franchisee for Simply Helping Victoria’s South West)

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Today on Eden Exchanges we spoke to Keith Batson who is a Franchisee with Simply Helping in Victoria’s South West region. Listen as Keith describes his professional background, how he came to meet the founder of Simply Helping and what it is like to be a franchise owner in the current Australian sector.

Discussion Points:

Keith Batson- Franchisee for Simply Helping in Victoria’s South Western Region
  • Background:
    Keith’s professional background as a video store owner
  • Meeting the Simply Helping founder
    How he met the founder of the business and why he became a franchisee for Simply Helping
  • The care sector in South West Victoria
    Keith describes why he became a franchisee in the Victorian South West region and what type of clients he services
  • Seven years running
    Keith describes what it had been like running a Simply Helping business for the past seven years and what keeps him going
  • A work life balance as a regional franchisee
    Keith provides clear insight what it is like to be an in-home care franchisee in a regional area and what you can expect day-to-day
  • Simply Helping point of difference:
    The services Simply Helping offer in his area and how his business compares to other similar operators in his region
  • A business in demand
    How Simply Helping remains strong as a business operator in an ageing population and how Keith plans to grow his business in the future
  • Simply Helping’s franchisee compatibility
    What someone thinking about a franchise in the in-home care sector should consider in terms of personality, expectations and more
  • A simple piece of advice
    What Keith thinks is the most important thing you should consider before becoming a franchisee and an in-home care operator combined

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About Simply Helping

Simply Helping was founded by Angela Feery-Richards in Australia back in 1998. Angela has an extensive background in the health industry spanning 35 years as a health professional within the private and the public sector. Simply Helping has developed as a company of integrity to provide a suite of services to individuals and families using professional and trusted carers within an environment of caring and meeting the needs and wants of its clients.

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