Podcast: Ep#188 Need Finance? How to Write a Business Plan in “Bank Speak” (ft. Andrew Wilson, Founder of Horizon Business Plans)

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Today on Eden Exchanges we spoke to Andrew Wilson, who is the Founder of Horizon Business Plans, a business specialising in creating tailored business plans to help secure finance and investment. Listen as Andrew delves into how he founded the business, his experiences with banks and investment lenders, what business owners face during the current economic climate and why a business plan can make or break a business.

Discussion Points:

Andrew Wilson – Founder of Horizon Business Plans
  • Background
    Andrew discusses his professional background, current role and how he came to create the business
  • The business
    Andrew explains the business model, the demand and the appeal of business like Horizon Business Plans
  • Planning a business
    What goes into a business plan, who Andrew’s clients are and how to source the right information
  • The market
    Andrew describes the Australian small business sector and what local entrepreneurs are taking on in the national market
  • Services on offer
    The services Horizon Business Plans offers to its clients and the long term benefits of working with a business consultant like Andrew
  • Achievements and goals
    What Andrew has achieved since starting the business and the personal goals he is checking off his list
  • Leading by example
    Successfully surviving the current economic climate, what Andrew’s business plan is for Horizon Business Plans and where he sees the business and the sector in the future
  • Making the wisest choice
    Learning what the right plan is for you, realistic goals and targets and how to approach lenders and investors with the right opportunity
  • Loving what you do
    Andrew highlights what he loves most about the sector, the business and how helping others brings him fulfilment as a consultant
  • A piece of advice
    Andrew offers some advice on becoming a business owner in the current market and why you should consider seeking advice before approaching any potential investor or financier

Useful links:

Website / Business Profile / LinkedIn / Facebook

About Horizon Business Plans:

Having seen many businesses struggling to write their business plans over the years, Horizon Business Plans founder Andrew Wilson decided to put his skills in finance, marketing, strategy and pricing to good use. One year later, Horizon Business Plans was launched.

Horizon Business Plans is on a mission to help small businesses to write well-researched and well-structured business plans that are specifically tailored for their intended audience.

Writing a business plan is like writing a story. And in this story, your business is the hero that solves challenging problems for its customers. We aim to capture your unique story. This helps to answer the key questions that your audience is asking:

  • Who is running the business?
  • Why are they running the business?
  • What does the business do?
  • How do they manage the business successfully?

If you can paint this picture, you’re well on the way to writing a business plan that your audience will understand and believe.