Podcast: Ep#147 To YB12 is to Inspire all Businesses to Succeed (Ft. John Grant Founder of YB12 Business Trainers and consultants)

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Today on Eden Exchanges we spoke to John Grant who is the Founder of YB12, a training and consulting enterprise for corporate and small businesses operators. Listen as John describes; the story behind the name YB12, his passion for the industry and his team of trainers, the philosophy behind YB12’s training models and the support and technology on offer to help both business and trainer to be a success. Listen on to find out more.

YB12 is a full service training company, offering consultancy opportunities for aspiring and experienced public speakers, trainers and Business Advisors.

Discussion Points:

John Grant – Founder of YB12
  • Background
    John highlights his professional and educational background in both the Australian business training and consulting sector and his time overseas
  • Being inspired to succeed
    How John became the Founder of YB12 and his journey so far with the Company
  • What is YB12?
    John explains the story behind the name and what the abbreviation stands for
  • Who are YB12?
    John identifies who his customers are and how YB12 differs from other training and consulting businesses in the market
  • The ideal YB12 trainer
    Explaining the ideal trainer by identifying their backgrounds, training and personalities.
  • Process yields the best result
    John describes the process that all YB12 trainers follow and the business model making YB12 the business to beat
  • Defining success
    The explanation of what John identifies as success and returns for his trainers and for YB12 clients
  • YB12 growth and development
    Identifying how YB12 has grown since its inception and his goals for the business in the future

    Useful Links:

    Website / Company profile

    About YB12

    YB12 is a full-service training company, offering consultancy opportunities for aspiring and experienced public speakers, coaches, and business advisors. From one-on-one training to comprehensive business advisory services, YB12 is all about helping clients have the best year of their lives. 

    YB12’s history is long and successful, with 25-years of experience with more than 200,000 people having already attended workshops, introductory seminars or one-on-one training sessions.