Podcast:Ep#257 Leading the Way in Hospitality Breakthroughs – C51 Consulting Hosts Virtual Kitchen Brands Online (ft. Steve Agi Founder of C51 Consulting)

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Today on Eden Exchanges, we speak to our returning guest Steve Agi, founder and owner of C51 Consulting, a business providing scalable business opportunities for the hospitality sector with a virtual brand solution. Listen as Steve shares his insight into the hospitality sector in Australia, how virtual brands can revolutionise hospitality businesses, and the potential return on investment for venue partners.

Discussion Points:

Steve Agi, Founder and Owner of C51 Consulting
  • Ahead of the trend.
    An opportunity in the hospitality market became crystal clear to Steve after a long career in hospitality.
  • Long-term industry change.
    Steve shares how the recent lockdowns have shifted consumer preference towards delivery food options. 
  • Ghost kitchens Vs Virtual kitchens.
    Virtual kitchens and ghost kitchens have very different operational plans. 
  • Servicing multiple brands successfully.
    Steve outlines the current scope of C51 Consulting.
  • Who works with who?
    The partnerships are carefully matched to benefit both the virtual brand and the existing hospitality business. 
  • A streamlined operation
    Steve clarifies the operational business structure of virtual kitchen partnerships.
  • Training and implementation.
    Extensive onboarding ensures a successful launch.
  • Who doesn’t love dumplings!
    An exciting new dumpling brand may be on the horizon for C51.
  • Return on investment.
    Steve outlines the financial realities for investors. 
  • An exciting new niche.
    A unique product has just launched as a virtual brand and promises to be successful.
  • Setting up for success. 
    Thorough training and support for investors ensure that success is the most common outcome for C51.
  • Evolution and growth.
    Steve outlines the future goals for C51 Consulting. 
  • Investor requirements.
    There are very minimal restrictions and requirements for potential partners. 
  • Looking to invest?
    Advice for potential new virtual brand partners.

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About the business

A virtual brand is one that exists online, but with no physical presence. No physical restaurant. A virtual brand offers food that is available via delivery & possibly pick-up, if appropriate. It might be run from the kitchen of an existing restaurant or outlet, or the food might be prepared in a ‘dark kitchen’ – that is, a stand-alone kitchen that is not attached to any form of shop-front. 

Virtual brands have been around for a few years, our team was one of the first to establish them in Australia. However with the global pandemic forcing restaurants to close in 2020, virtual brands have experienced rapid growth as consumers turned to food delivery services. Today virtual brands are here to stay, as many business owners continue to relish in the benefits of providing them in their commercial kitchens. 

The benefits of virtual brands: The pandemic may have accelerated their growth, but smart hospitality providers are realising that a virtual brand is not just a solution to a short term problem. It is the future, it is the way forward & if executed properly will be the ultimate strategy to combat the unpredictability of lockdowns & dining restrictions. Virtual brands offer multiple, very real benefits that are likely to see their continued growth long after the world is allowed back into restaurants.