Podcast: Ep#146 Raising the Coffee Bar in Australia (ft. Guy Thompson Founder and Managing Director of Bar Bellaccino Cafe Franchises)

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Today on Eden Exchanges we spoke to Guy Thompson, who is the founder and managing director of Bar Bellaccino, an Australian owned unique cafe franchise. Listen as Guy chats about the inspiration behind Bar Bellaccino, creating an authentic coffee institution and how to ensure your customers are getting the true cafe experience. Listen on to find out more.

Discussion Points:

Guy Thompson – Founder and Managing Director of Bar Bellaccino Franchises
  • Background
    Guy delves into his professional background and how he founded Bar Bellaccino
  • What is a Bellaccino anyway?
    Guy explains the franchise name and the story behind its creation
  • Coffee lovers and their orders
    Who are Bar Bellaccino’s customers? Are they coffee enthusiasts or traditionalists?
  • Being a connoisseur of coffee
    What it means to be a traditional coffee and espresso bar and influences of Italy and the culture
  • Bringing Australian coffee culture to the table
    Plans to expand the business nation wide and the challenges of expanding the business
  • The Golden Bean Awards 2017
    Ranking in the top 1% of coffee makers and the experience being in the top 5 voted coffees in Australia and New Zealand
  • The rules of offering an authentic experience
    Creating the ultimate coffee experience in how you make, how you serve and what experience you offer the customer
  • Behind the counter
    The qualities Guy is looking for in a franchisee
  • The Bar Bellaccino experience – more than just a coffee
    How Guy utilises all of his experience and knowledge to create and expand a well-rounded Bar Bellaccino brand
  • The love of the bean
    Guy describes what he loves about the business and why he is devoted to the cafe experience

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Enquire here for more information on the Bar Bellaccino franchise opportunity!

About Bar Bellaccino

Our goal at Bar Bellaccino is to supply award winning coffee and food, quickly and with a smile across a network of stores across Australia. We have been making award-winning coffee since 1997 and we are now set to expand with like-minded franchise partners!

Australia’s premier coffee judging competition voted our coffee in the top 1% throughout Australia and NZ (Golden Bean Awards November 2017). With every new store Bar Bellaccino’s reputation for great quality is expanding.