Podcast: Ep#145 Welcoming Sandwich Chefs Wagga Wagga to the table (Ft. Ollie Mann Marketing Manager and Sharon Weightman, Marketing Co-ordinator of Sandwich Chefs)

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Welcome to the table new arrival Sandwich Chefs Wagga Wagga. Today on Eden Exchanges we spoke to Ollie Mann Marketing Manager and Sharon Weightman marketing co-ordinator for Sandwich Chefs. Listen as Ollie and Sharon describe the grand opening of Sandwich Chefs Wagga Wagga what goes into a Sandwich Chefs grand opening, the support and technology involved and the marketing and community that makes their open days such a success. Listen to find out more!

Ollie Mann, Marketing Manager and Sharon Weightman, Marketing Coordinator of Sandwich Chefs Franchises

Discussion Points:

  • Grand opening day
    Sharon and Ollie describe the grand opening day in Wagga Wagga for their new Sandwich Chefs franchise
  • How you celebrate a Sandwich Chefs grand opening
    Sharon and Ollie discussed what goes into a Sandwich Chefs grand opening
  • Spoiled for choice?
    The merits and benefits of opening a new franchise in rural/regional Australia (where Australians are not spoiled for choice)
  • Marketing support
    What support a new Sandwich Chefs franchisee can expect from the head office team anywhere in Australia
  • Representing the brand
    How Sharon and the team showcase the brand, both online and face to face
  • Key trends in the food franchise industry
    Sharon identifies the top trends in the industry right now and how Sandwich Chefs keep their business fresh
  • Moving with the times
    Ollie explains how Sandwich Chefs stays fresh in the marketing game and how Sandwich Chefs achieves top marks for their flexible marketing approach to store openings.
  • Community is the key in regional areas
    Getting the local community involved in the grand opening and making the most of six degrees of separation in regional/remote areas.
Grand opening day – Sandwich Chefs Wagga Wagga.

Useful Links

Enquire here for more information on the Sandwich Chefs franchise opportunity

About Sandwich Chefs

Sandwich Chefs is growing fast. We’re the leading deli and carvery franchise in Australia and have a passion for serving high quality sandwiches and roasts to our customers. We’re looking for passionate people to join our franchise. Our roasts are slowed cooked and delicious. Our sandwiches are enjoyed by thousands every single week.

This is the beginning of a true story that formed a delicious partnership, driven by the desire to make the kind of sandwiches that people can’t make at home. After lots of question s and even more taste tests, they opened the first of many Sandwich Chefs stores. The trio don’t always agree on how to do things, except for when it comes to making sandwiches properly. This includes having fresh local produce delivered daily, sourcing artisan bread and making as much as possible from scratch, including 14 hour slow-roasted beef and crackling pork. Every chef at every Sandwich Chefs store lovingly makes each meal to order – just the way the customer likes it. With the help of their loyal customers, it took great mates to restore Australia’s faith in the humble sandwich.