Podcast: Ep#136 “I couldn’t be more proud to be a part of Total Tools and of what we have achieved as a franchise” (Ft. Nicole Bemelmans General Manager of Merchandising at Total Tools)

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Hello and welcome to Eden Exchanges, the franchise business journey podcast. As a Part of our Total Tools business series ‘Insights of Total Tools’ we spoke to Nicole Bemelmans, who is the General Manager of the Total Tools Merchandising team. Listen as Nicole explores the journey that lead her to Total Tools, the challenges and opportunities in a male dominated industry and her drive and passion for Total Tools in the trade.

Discussion Points:

Nicole Bemelmans- General Manager of Merchandising at Total Tools
  • Background
    Professional background with Black and Decker and background in product marketing
  • Transitioning in to business
    Nicole’s experience transitioning from a supplier in the Industry to a buyer for Total Tools
  • A business selling the local appeal
    The client experience, what Total Tools offers.
  • Working for a national franchise
    What Nicole highlights about her experience working for a high-end national franchise like Total Tools
  • The biggest challenges
    What Nicole considers her challenges as a general manager and team member for Total Tools
  • The uniqueness of Total Tools
    What Nicole thinks is the unique offering of Total Tools and how Total Tools is staying relevant in the progressive product market
  • Managerial involvement
    How involved Nicole is on store level and in the acquisitions and development of product lines
  • A male dominated industry
    Nicole describes her experience as to what it is like operating in a Male dominated industry world wide and what it means to be the unexpected buyer in the room
  • Motivation and dedication to the business
    What motivates Nicole to do what she does and get up in the morning
  • Being proud of your work and your team
    What Nicole is most proud of as a team member at Total Tools and the work of her team
  • The future for Total Tools
    What the future looks like in the professional tool supply industry and for the Total Tools franchise
  • Key trends and insights
    Nicole describes some key trends and insights to capitalise on in the market and how
  • Supporting the franchisees
    How Nicole and her team support the franchisees on a daily basis
  • What is there to love
    What Nicole loves most about her work and why she is happy about her decision to join Total Tools as the GM of Merchandising
  • The love of helping others save money
    Why Nicole loves the business and the opportunity
  • The early birds way to success
    Why you should get on board with Total Tools now
  • Advice from a General Manager
    Nicole offers her best piece of advice on becoming a franchisee with Total Tools or simply joining the team
  • How to get in touch
    How to enquire about a franchise opportunity near you or to make contact with the head office team

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About Total Tools Franchising

Total Tools is looking for franchisees that share the vision and wish to be a part of the success of a growing Australian company. Backed by the unrivalled retailing standards in the tool industry and experienced staff offering professional advice and service, Total Tools has firmly established itself as the market leader in professional tool retailing, servicing the daily needs of Australia’s tradesman who use their tools for living.

There are currently over 70 stores forming the Total Tools group with representation in Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia, and Queensland, with more stores being planned nationally.

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