Podcast: Ep#131 The World of Franchising According to The Franchise Institute (Ft. James Corne Founder and Director of The Franchise Institute)

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Today on Eden Exchanges we spoke to James Corne who is the Founder and Director of The Franchise Institute, a business specialising in franchising and small business ventures. Listen as James highlights the current climate in the franchising business sector in Australia, the growth and development potential of franchising, contracts and agreements for your business and the tips and guides to identify if your business is ready for franchising.

James Corne- Founder and Director of The Franchise Institute

Discussion Points

  • Professional background
    James talks about his professional background and the leading up to the founding of The Franchise Institute
  • What is The Franchise Institute?
    James explains the purpose behind the company and the services it can provide to business owners and budding owners alike
  • What about the times?
    James identifies the issues and the potential in the Australian business sector and what to expect as a franchise business owner
  • The boom and bust
    The not so straight line of small business franchise industry and the obstacles and milestones that come with business ownership
  • The process
    How does a business become a franchise and what is typically involved
  • Should I franchise my business?
    James gives some pointers on how to identify if your business is ready for franchising or not
  • Best advice and getting in touch
    James identifies his best advice about the franchising experience and how best to get in touch with The Franchise Institute

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About the Business

The Franchise Institute is comprised of a team of franchise professionals, each an expert in their field, who together have helped hundreds of small and medium sized business owners to successfully franchise their business.

Franchising can be a great way to grow your business and expand into new locations without a large outlay of capital. It also enables motivated owner operators to join your business and lets you get back to growing your business, not operating it. Discover how you can franchise your business simply and successfully at a fraction of the price other companies charge.
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