Podcast: EP#205 Fat Jak’s is expanding and redefining the classic burger franchise (ft. Doug Downer, Franchise Manager at Fat Jak’s).

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Today on Eden Exchanges we spoke to Doug Downer on behalf of Fat Jak’s franchises. Listen as Doug delves into how the business came about, how Fat Jak’s are hitting the spot for their Melbourne customers every day, the Fat Jak’s expansion plan and how you can snatch up an opportunity near you

Discussion Points:

Doug Downer – Franchise Manager at Fat Jak’s
  • Background
    Doug discusses his background, current role and how he came to be a part of the Fat Jak’s franchises
  • It’s all in the name
    Where the name “Fat Jak’s” came from, the Fat Jak’s brothers, the “fat” in the Fat Jak’s burger design and how the franchise came about
  • Uniqueness and more
    How Fat Jak’s uniquely stands out from the current market providing its loyal customers with a fatter and juicer burger than its competitors.
  • Aussie’s love burgers
    How classic burger lovers have adopted the Fatter Fat Jak’s burger in Australia and how American style foods are dominating the market
  • Why burgers?
    Why Doug believed the market was ready to redefine the classic burger and how the food franchising sector has adopted new fast food concepts
  • Growth strategies
    The business plan and how Fat Jak’s plans to expand the business and open franchises nationwide
  • The ideal Fat Jak’s franchisee
    Doug identifies the background, the experience and the personalities that suit a Fat Jak’s franchisee
  • Training and support
    What level of support and training Fat Jak’s offers each franchisee throughout their business journey and the level of involvement by the head office team
  • What’s your burger drive?
    Doug describes what drives The Fat Jak’s brothers every day, what he loves about the franchise model
  • A piece of advice 
    Doug offers advice on becoming a food franchisee in the Australian hospitality sector and what to expect when owning a food franchise
  • How to get in touch
    How to enquire about a Fat Jak’s opportunity near you and how to contact Doug for further information on the franchise

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About the business:

When a couple of brothers with over 20 years hospitality experience running restaurants wanted to create an American style burger joint, they tossed around the idea and came up with the namesake for one of the brothers and teamed up with one of their longstanding team members and that was the start of Fat Jak’s.

Fat Jak’s is a fun and friendly burger bar that opened its first store in the heart of St. Kilda. If you’re gonna open an American Style diner there it better be good.

We believe in the term – franchise partner, so with that said we will work together to get you open, both of us will identify potential locations and we will assist you with site identification, lease negotiation, store design and build, ordering, team recruitment and training and being there with you on opening supporting you through every aspect of the journey.