Podcast: Ep#112 “With us, you evolve your business into lucrative and higher paying jobs” (ft. Justin Tranter, Jim’s Fencing Franchisor and Trainer for Melbourne’s East and South East Region)

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Today on Eden Exchanges we dialled in to chat with successful Franchisor Justin Tranter on site who is the Franchisor and trainer for Jim’s Fencing in Melbournes East and South East region. We discuss how Justin first joined the franchise and his journey so far, what has been the biggest change in his life, the excess demand Jim’s Fencing is facing and who would best suit a Jim’s Fencing franchise.

Justin Tranter- Franchisor and Trainer for Jim’s fencing in Melbourne’s East and South East region

Discussion Points

  • Background
    How Justin decided it was time to move on from the finance sector
  • Career change
    Getting in touch with family and a life change business recommendation
  • Moving on and moving up
    Starting out as a franchisee and becoming a franchisor and trainer
  • Jim’s Fencing demand
    Not enough franchisees and missed opportunities.
  • Learning on the job
    How Justin tackled his first ever construction project during training
  • Being a trainer
    Taking on the role of trainer to new franchisees in Melbourne.
  • Part of a team
    How each of his franchisees get along and the support of the national team
  • Balance in the business
    Raising two kids and being the boss.
  • Measuring up
    chatting to potential new franchisees and measuring up their motivation and their suitability.
  • Support and training 
    8 weeks paid training and ongoing support
  • Clients
    Working for your area and mapping your business
  • Get in touch
    How to contact Justin for any enquires or even a quote.

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About Jim’s Fencing 

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Jim’s Fencing was set up 20 years ago as an extension of the Jim’s Group, the largest and best-known home services business in Australia that now has branches in Canada, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. Coupled with your pride in quality workmanship and service, you can achieve direct rewards for the effort you expend in your own business. A Jim’s Fencing franchise is a fantastic opportunity to run a business, with the support of an organisation that offers a rewarding lifestyle and excellent financial gain.

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