Podcast: Ep#110 Taking the Pressure Off the Medical Industry (ft. Ajit Ravindran and Will Yang of Lenexa Medical)

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Today on Eden Exchanges, we spoke to Ajit Ravindran, Co-Founder and CEO, as well as Will Yang, Chief Scientific Officer, of Lenexa Medical.

Ajit and Will take us through the underlying technology behind their Smart Sheet and why this will reduce the need for carers to turn over patients in their bed thus decreasing unnecessary manual labour and increasing efficiency and monitoring capabilities of providers in the space.

Ajit Ravindran, Co-Founder and CEO, and Will Yang, CSO of Lenexa Medical

Discussion Points

  • Background
    Attended a biodesign innovation course at University of Melbourne that brought them together
  • Pressure injuries
    Costing the government $2B dollars annually
  • Investigating the market
    Discussed pain points for doctors and nurses around the country
  • The start
    “I wish we knew how much pressure is being experienced by the patient when they’re on the table” – Anesthetist
  • The Lenexa Smart Sheet
    New technology with targeted care for the patients
  • The Actuator Program
    Received seed funding to create a prototype of the Smart Sheet
  • Technology
    Changes electrical characteristic depending on how much pressure is put on it
  • Outcome for hospitals
    Value based healthcare and machine learning and data
  • Current solutions
    Manually turning patients to examine potential developing PI
  • Solution
    More targeted, more convenient and more cost efficient

Useful links

About Lenexa Medical

Lenexa Medical is an Australian-based MedTech company that’s empowering clinicians to deliver targeted, long-term solutions for pressure injury prevention and detection. Despite widespread recognition that pressure injuries are mostly preventable, they remain a devastating health problem, with more than 300,000 cases in Australia every year. The Lenexa Medical Smart Sheet concept is an ultra-thin fabric bed sheet with in-built sensing capabilities and smart software for detecting and monitoring pressure injury risk. It will provide clinicians with non-subjective data to guide correct positioning of patients and detect changes in pressure risk injury over time. This life-saving technology is an innovative solution to a multibillion-dollar healthcare burden, providing clinicians and carers with the information required to completely prevent pressure injuries and drive real improvements in the quality of patient care.