Ep#270 Make your mark & invest in the $3B tattoo industry (Ft.Luigi Prestinenzi – Head of Sales & Manuel Campos- CEO of Celebrity Ink™)

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Today on Eden Exchanges, we spoke with Luigi Prestinenzi, Head of Sales & Manuel Campos who is the CEO of Celebrity Ink™, the biggest tattoo and body art brand in the world. Listen as Luigi and Manuel chat about the idea behind Celebrity Ink™, how they developed their revolutionary business model, how they are replicating their success seen in other countries and making their mark in Australia, future goals for the business, the pain points of the tattoo and body art industry and so much more!

Discussion Points:

  • Professional background
    Manuel and Luigi discuss their professional backgrounds and how they came to be involved with Celebrity Ink™
  • The boom of the industry
    Manuel explains how the attractive business model has created a lot of excitement and curiosity for customers and business owners alike 
  • Rules & regulations 
    Manuel touches on the rules and regulations franchisees need to be compliant with in the tattoo and body art industry
  • Business growth
    Manuel talks about the growth potential and the strategies they are implementing to achieve it
  • Franchise difference
    Manuel and Luigi discuss what makes Celebrity Ink™ unique and how it bridges the gap in a fragmented market
  • Franchise model
    Luigi discusses the point of difference Celebrity Ink™ offers and why franchisees are attracted to the opportunity
  • Training and support
    Manuel delves into the training and support that is provided to franchisees
  • The ideal franchisee
    Luigi and Manuel explain what personalities and skill sets work best with this business model and the brand’s ambitions
  • Success stories
    Manuel provides some examples of franchisees who have gone on to achieve great things with a Celebrity Ink™ franchise
  • Expert advice
    Luigi shares what anyone looking to start up their business or invest in a franchise should consider when searching for a business
  • Drive and motivation
    Manuel and Luigi share what they love about the business, what drives them to grow and succeed, and fuels them to service the business in every way possible
  • Core values
    The main values within business partnerships, customers and integral stakeholders
  • And more

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