Sydney-Based Remedial Construction Business For Sale

This is an exclusive opportunity to acquire a top-performing construction business in one of Australia’s highest-grossing industries!


  • prime business with 3 decades of expert experience under its belt and business ready for its next growth phase
  • Unshakable market position | 100+ Affiliates, 3000+ Projects Completed, 10+ Accreditations, 80+ years of combined professional building experience
  • High-profit margins and strong annual turnovers average of c. $3-4M


This successful family-owned remedial construction company has been providing honest and reliable services to Sydney, and NSW’s building industry, since 1993.  

Highly regarded as seasoned specialists in remedial and strata work, they have a very experienced team of project managers, site supervisors and foremen.  

They also have a hand-picked panel of contractors specialising in structural repairs and concrete spalling, facade upgrade & repair, cavity flashing and lintel replacement, building diagnosis and solutions, renovations and refurbishment and waterproofing.  

In their 3 decades of operation, the business has completed 3000+ projects, had 100+ affiliates and received 10+ accreditations – making them one of the most sought after building maintenance companies for engineering firms, home owners and insurance companies. 

The business’s reputation and seasoned team of remedial construction experts, see it benefit from a high referral rate from recurring clients, in the form of lucrative long and short-term contracts, leading to an average of 45% profit margins. 

The Team  

Aside from the owners, the business employs a team of seasoned staff, including: 

  • 1x Estimator 
  • 1x Junior Estimator 
  • 1x Office Administrator 
  • 1x Operations Manager 
  • 3x Leading Hands 
  • 1x Project Manager

Plus, a hand-picked panel of subcontractors including a number of skilled specialists – all of whom exceed tough industry standards.  

About the Opportunity 

Within the building sector, remedial construction grosses an average of 45% in profit margins making it one of the most lucrative subsectors to invest in and grow a business in. 

With the current owners looking to retire soon, they are looking for someone with a commercial or residential development background to take the helm of this successful business and lead it to its next growth phase. 

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to acquire a well-established business, with a rich history, excellent cash flow, impeccable reputation, and a team of seasoned professionals with 80+ years of combined experience. 

As the new business owner, there is the opportunity to leverage the business’ current accreditation to access government-approved contracts for up to 550 buildings forecasted to receive remediation works in the near future. 

One of the current owners is also willing to stay on (for a maximum period of one year) to provide stability and assurance for the next owner and the current clientele.  

The asking price of $3.5M includes all plant and equipment, intellectual property (domain, website, emails), licenses, customer database, and permits.  

Key Features of the Business

  • A business with impeccable reputation, rich history, and experienced employees 
  • Strong annual revenue c. $3-4M
  • Long-standing clients with high referral rates  
  • Lucrative short & long term contracts
  • Excellent cashflow- a business without accounts payable 
  • Business with a solid foundation for growth
  • Growing demand for remedial work in the NSW market
  • One of the owners willing to stay on the business for stability and confidence

Does this business sound like the perfect acquisition for you?

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