Beans Republique: a cafe concept tailor made for a Melbourne audience

Melbournians are one of the highest consumers of coffee in Australia. It is also a city full of people exceptionally picky with their cafes. You may walk into into a cafe on a strip brimming with people and then ten metres down the track, another is struggling to pay the rent.

The difference between life and death in the cafe business in Melbourne is a fine line. It could be the quality of the coffee beans, a skilled barista, coffee and food presentation, atmosphere, location, music and decor. A crucial element is the staff’s ability to make regulars feel at home.

One cafe brand that has the formulae down to a tea is Beans Republique. Since opening their doors in 2009 Beans Republique had opened multiple franchises in trendy Melbourne areas and are making a name for themselves as a good vibe coffee house, with first rate coffee and chef inspired food.

Jen Nguyen and Pat Hoang started their first cafe in 2009, it was on the breezy Frankston shore in Bayside Melbourne. With a focus on great coffee, home-styled food and excellent customer service it was an instant success, which inspired Pat and Jen to pursue their food dream with a future vision. Today, 8 years and multiple stores later, the blueprint for Beans Republique cafe is well and truly written.

According to Jenny Nguyen, “It was a matter of securing an exceptional coffee supplier, and getting the combination right between delicious food, great atmosphere and happy staff”.

A successful cafe does not only only need smart operations inside the establishment, according to Jenny, “social media is also very important to keep the fun vibe up and keep the locals interested”. Social media is one of the reasons Beans Republique has become popular in Melbourne. The likes and comments received on Facebook and Instagram has helped build the brand and entice new customers. Potential customers can eat with their eyes, scrolling on their homepage through various artistic plates of food and dreaming of the next delicious meal.

Jenny certainly does not want to compare Beans Republique Cafe to a Coffee Club or Gloria Jeans. “Our cafes are not bland, each one of them is unique, a concept based on good times, built on the three key ingredients great vibe, great products, great service”.

Beans Republique realises that owning a cafe is not only a lifestyle choice, it is about securing your financial future. Continuous mentorship is offered so that a passionate franchisee can be well on their way to make a stake in an industry worth $4.3 billion in Australia annually.

Beans Republique management have created processes and systems that have been perfected through the years. Whether you are an experienced barista or just someone who is on the way to your first cafe venture, Beans Republique are totally invested in your success. A proven track record of strong training and support system combined with a close relationship with management and owners is part of the offering, as is designing, fitting, planning and permits to getting ready for the grand-opening day.

Once you launch the cafe and the training is completed you will be continuously mentored by a business development manager making sure that you are hitting the milestones that are agreed upon. Franchisees benefit from fleet buyer power and you will receive the best deals from the Beans Republique suppliers. You will also be promoted via very skillful social media management team as well as receive local marketing support.

A Beans Cafe Franchise is also accessible, at around 45k plus fit out costs. In the cafe franchise market you would be pretty hard pressed to find better value. If you ever had an dream owning a cafe today is the day.

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About Beans Republique

A cafe with a difference

At Beans Republique, we grow our business one cake, one coffee and one customer at a time so we put a lot of attention and care in our products and service. Once you taste our coffee, indulge in our food and desserts, you will understand that Beans Republique is all about a passion for eating, drinking and good times. We are not interested in being a bland franchise cafe, we want to recruit Cafe Owners who share our passion and want to grow a business.

Skip all headaches of setting up a brand new premise from designing, fitting, planning and permits to getting ready for the grand-opening day. Start trading as a trained operator with an experienced and well-trained team. We do all the legwork so that you could focus on what matters to you: the business.

Enquire today, the coffee is on us.