The Court Side Business- The Booming Business of Tennis Court Maintenance in Australia

Australians have always been passionate about competitive sports. With the Australian Open in full swing, it’s impossible to miss the vocal passion Australian spectators have for tennis. What’s less obvious has been the rate at which Australians have been purchasing tennis courts and incorporating them in their homes.

Whether it’s been the opulence brought about by the property boom over the last decade, or an attempt by cashed up baby boomers to embrace a healthy lifestyle, the love of tennis has kept builders, architects and service providers run off their feet over the last few years.

“Our franchisees are well aware of the importance their clients attach to their courts.” – Alan Dean Sportzing

According to Alan Dean, who heads up Sportzing Court Care Services, which provides tennis court maintenance services and a range of tennis products, “In 2017 the demand from Aussies for tennis court servicing was high.  We have seen a 20% jump on the previous year. We also opened up new franchises in Western Australia, New South Wales and Victoria to service all of the interest.”

Alan went to say, “The reality is we’ve just touched the surface. We expect to grow further with more franchises opening up across Australia in 2018. The demand has been so substantial that we’ve been able to grow another wing of our business – supplying tennis equipment like umpire chairs, tennis nets, tennis ball machines, specialty tennis court brooms and more to the courts we service.”

Tennis Australia in 2008 launched a ‘2020 places to play’ action plan to increase the number of sporting venues and locations in communities and rural areas. With this plan in action there is circulating interest in court supplies and maintenance proposals. While this plan has helped to boost the use of commercial courts, the residential sector has benefited from the prestige associated with a court in home.

While a home with a pool, gym and a tennis court might create a healthy living environment, there is a certain section of the market that won’t consider inspecting a home without them. In Melbourne, tennis courts are perhaps the most highly prized feature. We’ve seen examples, such as suburbs like Toorak where agents have reported as much as one in every five houses having a tennis court.

Real Estate Agents reported a surge in demand from Australians looking for properties with tennis courts in 2017. Championship tennis courts are definitely in demand,” says Abercromby’s agent Jock Langley in an interview with Doman. “They generally add considerable value to a house and make it a lot more desirable for people who want to invest.”

“The cost to build a tennis court can be anywhere from from $35,000 to $100,000-plus” – Alan Dean, Sportzing

Shayne Hutton, of Sydney Country Living was quoted as saying,“Buyers love them, particularly those with young families. They’re not just used for tennis, they become playgrounds for skateboarding, playing basketball, whatever you like.”  

Jason Adcock, of Adcock Prestige in Brisbane, who is noted for having more than 100 people on his database looking for a tennis court property in Brisbane and not all of them are tennis lovers. He was quoted as saying, “There’s a massive surge in people upgrading at the moment and a fair bit of that demand is to find homes with larger blocks.”

While a current dip in the property market in NSW may cause a minor correction, according to Alan Dean from Sportzing, “People are living a longer and are becoming more health conscious. The cost to build a tennis court  can be anywhere from from $35,000 to $100,000-plus but home tennis courts in areas such as the Upper North Shore and the eastern suburbs Sydney are very common.”

An additional element of such sporting features is the “brag factor”.  While people are definitely interested in a healthy lifestyle, often these type of facilities are status symbols and our franchisees are well aware of the importance their clients attach to their courts.”

About Sportzing Court Care Services

As Australians’ love of tennis grows, so too does the Sportzing Court Care business, with existing territories rapidly expanding, and new franchisees being set up nationwide.  Sportzing are a national tennis court repair & maintenance franchise, and has been one of the leading court maintenance business in Australia.

Whether you love tennis or are just interested in being your own boss, tennis maintenance is a viable career choice, and has seen many from all walks of life join the Sportzing team and become successful franchisees. Why not call Sportzing or enquire today and see if a franchise for you and the chance to be your own boss. Sportzing franchisees are provided full training in business, equipment and services making their franchisees the game changers on courts.  Sportzing is now recruiting new franchisees around Australia.

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