Watch Michael White’s inspiring story, Founder and MD of Drug-Safe Communities

Michael White’s crusade against drugs in the industrial community began on a very personal note. He used to have a business partner who got hooked with a heroine addiction which caused their business to shut down.

The Drug-Safe campaign aims to change lives and create safe working environments. This campaign will greatly benefit employers with higher worker morale and lower insurance cost.

Michael White has found that an astonishing seventy percent of drug users are part of the workforce and most of them take their drug habits to the workplace.

A lot of business owners tend to think that they have a good grasp of the habits and actions of their employees. But as Michael states, his own experience with his business partner proves that addicts are unpredictable and can easily corrupt and ruin your business.

Drug use in the workplace is risky and can be fatal. Some employees under the influence of drugs operate heavy machinery and drive vehicles that can cause accidents.

How Drug-Safe Communities can help you

We help business owners by implementing drug awareness workshops. Drug-Safe Communities then perform a drug test which is completely and strictly confidential. We will then urge employees that have a drug addiction problem to go to specially trained counseling services. Drug-Safe Communities can also help employers in creating drug policies for their business.

Drug-Safe Communities also helps your company during the pre-hiring process. You can have a drug test as a requirement for the interviewee. This will deter people who are already drug dependent from seeking employment with your company.

Drugs are not only a bane to society. They are also a scourge for businesses. Together, we can ensure that your employees are safer and your workplace free from illicit drugs.

You can read more about the program here.