Podcast: Ep#46 Managing a Management business with LMA (ft.Tim Marsh, Leadership Management Australia, Queensland)

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Managing a management business. Today on Eden Exchanges we spoke to Tim Marsh, a Licensee for LMA (Leadership Management Australia) in Brisbane. Tim discusses his past management job roles, his history working in the government sector and his move to the role of Licensee in Queensland with LMA. Tim also discusses what makes a LMA licensee successful, the requirements of the role and what LMA is bringing to the Australian personal development business sector.

Tim Marsh, Licensee for LMA Leadership Management Australia, Queensland

Discussion points

  • Background
    Starting out in business and previous career in the government sector
  • Becoming a Licensee
    Starting out with LMA and taking on the role of mentor
  • What kind of person does it take?
    Who fits the role of Licensee in LMA Leadership Management Australia
  • What does LMA do?
  • LMA’s focus on leadership, team dynamics, performance, productivity and sales skills
  • What’s in a day?
    The involvement of a typical day according to Tim
  • What is required?
    Requirements of the role
  • The make or break?
    Tim’s perspective on past licensees and their success
  • What Australia is seeing in the management and training sector
    The future of LMA and what it continues to bring to the Australian sector
  • How to get in touch?
    How to get in contact with LMA

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