Podcast: Ep#37 “If You Look After Your Customers, Anyone Can Succeed At This” – (ft Thierry Ducler from Kwik Kerb NSW)

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Today on Eden Exchanges, we spoke to Thierry Ducler a Kwik Kerb licensee in NSW. Thierry delved into his past career in sales and marketing and how was is able to utilise his experiences to create a thriving Kwik Kerb business today.

Discussion Points:

  • Thierry’s job before joining Kwik Kerb
  • No room to grow and no new pathways
  • Why choose Kwik Kerb
  • Thierry’s years of experience not going to waste
  • A little sales and marketing know how
  • Who would make a successful Kiwik Kerb Licensee
  • Why you need to get stuck into it and give it your all
  • How hard work brings rewards and dedication makes it work
  • The technology that gives Kwik Kerb ‘the edge’
  • How to get in touch with Thierry and Kwik Kerb
  • How to become a Licensee

Useful Links

The Kwik Kerb garden kerbing story began in 1987. The concept of machine extruded concrete landscape kerbing was new at that time and kerb machine owners were often unable to market the kerbing effectively.
The kerbing process and business operation was originally perfected by Kwik Kerb and then offered to others. In fact every major landscape kerbing innovation has been developed by Kwik Kerb R&D.
Kwik Kerb are easily the world leaders in landscape kerb machinery and the Kwik Kerb brand is a household name in many countries. Kwik Kerb concrete kerbing is of the highest quality and Kwik Kerb is a highly respected brand name.
In fact the Kwik Kerb brand is so strong you will find that people don’t ask for concrete edging. They simply ask for Kwik Kerb.