Ep#212 Global Franchise Industry Podcast: “A Mind For Franchising Well” (Ft. Dr Ben Litalien Founder and Director of Franchise Well)

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Today on Eden Exchanges we spoke to Dr Ben Litalien who is the Director of Franchise Well, the Advisor for Georgetown University Washington DC’s franchise program and a recognised global expert in franchising. In this interview, Dr Ben discusses how Franchise Well came about, the state of  the US and global franchise industry and the key elements he is seeing driving franchise success around the world.

Discussion Points:

Dr Ben Litalien – Founder and Director of Franchise Well
  • Background
    Ben explains his background and how he became involved in franchising
  • A life in business franchising
    Ben outlines his journey through the franchise realm from some extremely prominent roles to the growth of his consultancy business, Franchise Well
  • Experience and know-how
    The skills gained from 30 years of experience with franchise businesses
  • Franchise as a way to grow
    Ben elaborates on the concept of using the franchise model as the catalyst for growth
  • How to franchise well
    Key fundamental practices of a well-thought-out franchise business model
  • Moving into a franchise model
    Moving from an emerging brand to growth in the franchise world, and the role of the founder during this phase
  • Trending now
    Ben discusses the key trends in the current franchising space
  • It’s not all baby boomers
    The shifting message of the franchise model as Baby Boomers exit the market and Millennials join
  • How the franchise sector is changing
    The growth of medical and wellness franchise businesses and the changing demand of food franchise businesses
  • How to pick your franchisees
    Ben explains the importance of analysing your franchisees based on performance and age in the system
  • Working together
    Franchise Well’s project selection process and how Ben uses his expertise to assist franchisors
  • Exploring the program
    The Georgetown Franchise Program explained in detail
  • How to get in touch
    How to find out more about Franchise Well and Dr Litalien’s services

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