Podcast: Ep#28 A Bookkeeping Franchise ahead in the Numbers: Sydney Franchisor Opportunity (Ft. Grant Meikle of Jim’s Bookkeeping & Tax)

In this episode of Eden Exchanges, we spoke to Grant Meikle, who is the National Franchisor for Jim’s Bookkeeping & Tax. Grant shared with us his experiences with Jim’s Bookkeeping and tax and discussed his international career as a Chartered Accountant before joining Jim’s. He also discussed a lucrative Sydney Master Franchisor opportunity currently up for grabs with Jim’s bookkeeping & Tax.

Grant also delved into what type of bookkeepers Jim’s is looking out for as future franchisees, and how Jim’s Bookkeeping & Tax is maintaining a one stop shop business model for their customers.

Grant Meikle- National Franchisor for Jim’s Bookkteeping & Tax

Key Points

  • Grant’s Life before Jim’s Bookkeeping & Tax
  • Why Grant chose Jim’s
  • Grant’s role as the National Franchisor
  • What services does Jim’s Bookkeeping & Tax offer
  • What is the ‘One stop shop’ model
  • The qualification requirements to be a Jim’s Bookkeeper
  • What are the common traits of a Jim’s franchisee
  • How is Jim’s different from accounting firms
  • What is it like being a Jim’s Bookkeeper franchisee
  • The lucrative Sydney Franchisor opportunity up for grabs
  • What Jim’s is looking for in their new franchisees
  • Why choose a franchise over an accounting/tax firm
  • How the market for bookkeeping is changing in Australia.

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To find out more about the Sydney Master Franchisor opportunity click here.

Useful Links

Jim’s Bookkeeping and Tax is a franchised professional network that provides opportunities for accountants and bookkeepers who are looking to experience the freedom of their own business without the hassle or expense that comes with setting up on your own. Jim’s Bookkeeping and Tax is part of the Jim’s Group, the largest franchising network in Australia with 50 divisions, and with divisions in New Zealand, United Kingdom and Canada.
Jim’s brands are recognised by over 90% of Australian adults and there are over 3,700 franchisees in the Jim’s network.