Podcast: Ep#159 Taking The World By Storm With World Options (Ft. Andrew Stewart, Director at World Options)

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Today on Eden Exchanges we spoke to Andrew Stewart, Director at World Options. Andrew discusses the creation of World Options, what makes a successful franchisee, what’s their point of difference in the market compared to other logistics and shipping companies, and how they work to provide value added services to the second largest employer outside the government.

Andrew Stewart, Director at World Options

Discussion Points:

  • Background
    Andrew discusses how World Options came about, and how they decided to take a chance at an opportunity in the market.
  • Target market
    World Options provide value added services to small to medium businesses in Australia.
  • Unique characteristics
    Andrew describes how World Option’s business model and brand provides their clients with the best rates and prices on the market.
  • Franchisee network
    11 franchisees up and running, proudly representing World Options.
  • World Options software
    Their custom built portal providing franchisees and clients access to everything they need for their logistics and shipping needs.
  • The market
    The number of small businesses are growing, lifestyles are changing, and countries are increasingly more reliant on moving products globally.
  • Who would make for a good franchisee?
    World Options is a sales driven business where people who enjoy picking up the phone and helping businesses find solutions to their shipping needs would thrive.
  • Training and support
    Full training provided along with support in the form of back office services, invoicing and customer service care.

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About World Options

World Options can help solve your business logistics and shipping needs with a simple-to-use, affordable online shipping portal that will improve your bottom line and meet the demands of your customers in just a few clicks. 

We provide businesses instant access to the World’s leading parcel carriers in one place, at substantial discounts regardless of your parcel delivery volume. Shipping to all Australian and international locations to bring you the best courier service on offer.