Podcast: Ep#153 The Finance Behind Buying and Selling a Total Tools Store (Ft. David Clarke CEO of Belgravia Finance)

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As a part of our Total Tools business insights series on Eden Exchanges, we spoke to the CEO of Belgravia Finance, David Clarke. Belgravia Finance is a large investment company specialising in finance, investment banking, funds management, insurance and much more.

Listen as David delves into the financing sector as he knows it, the recent ups and downs of the market of buying and selling businesses, the equity and logistics about buying a Total Tools franchise and why now is a good time to buy a large retail franchise like Total Tools. Click above to listen.

Discussion Points:

David Clarke – CEO of
Belgravia Finance.
  • Professional background
    What David’s professional background is and his role at Belgravia Finance
  • What is Belgravia Finance?
    David describes Belgravia’s function and the different levels of investment and finance it offers
  • Markets and small to medium business
    How the market has been fairing since the last federal election and the increase of buying and selling according to David
  • Being a broker for Total Tools
    David describes what it is like to be a financial broker for a large scale retail franchise like Total Tools in the Australian small business sector
  • Getting buyers to the finish line
    David describes the process to finalise sales of stores and secure financing for new stores across the country
  • Key trends and insights
    Where David thinks the financing sector is heading as well as the franchising sector
  • What is there to love? 
    What gets David up in the morning and drives him to do what he does as a career
  • Best bet in buying a Total Tools franchise
    David touches on the logistics behind buying an existing store to buying a new store prior to building
  • The last financial year
    The trends David has noticed this last financial year relating to buyer and seller behaviour as well as the Australian financing sector

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About Total Tools Franchising

Total Tools is looking for franchisees that share the vision and wish to be a part of the success of a growing Australian company. Backed by the unrivalled retailing standards in the tool industry and experienced staff offering professional advice and service, Total Tools has firmly established itself as the market leader in professional tool retailing, servicing the daily needs of Australia’s tradesman who use their tools for living.

There are currently over 70 stores forming the Total Tools group with representation in Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia, and Queensland, with more stores being planned nationally.

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