Podcast: Ep#50 Property Lifestyle And More With Jim’s Real Estate (Ft. Peter Raja, Melbourne’s South East)

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Hello and welcome to Eden Exchanges. Today we spoke to Peter Raja, Franchisor for Jim’s Real Estate in Melbourne’s South East. Peter recalled his first job and the insights from the retail sector, the move to real estate and his opportunity of a lifetime.

Listen as Peter lists the benefits of owning a Jim’s Real Estate franchise and the priceless moments with a good work life balance. Also what’s required and how to get in touch.

Peter Raja- Franchisor for Jim’s Real Estate Melbourne’s East

Discussion Topics:

  • Background
    Starting out in Fast food Retail and the benefits of customer service experience.
  • Change in scenery
    Moving on from retail into logistics management.
  • Moving into real estate
    Change of direction leading to his dream industry.
  • Experiences and external influences
    New family and how one bad experience can lead to the best decisions.
  • Benefits of self management
    What being a franchisee and being your own boss involves and the perks.
  • Conversation starters
    How wearing the uniform and being seen everyday creates new business and enquiries.
  • Peter’s crystal ball
    How the market is growing and how Jim’s Real Estate is approaching the Melbourne South East Market.
  • The resume in a nutshell
    What skills sets, experiences and qualifications are required for any franchisee.
  • The day in the life
    How the average franchisee tackles the work load and refines their work life balance.
  • How to get in touch
    How to make an enquiry and get in touch with Peter.

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The key factors to Jim’s success is based on looking after clients and strong franchisee support from franchisors. Jim’s core belief is that the people who pay us are customers. Franchisees are the customers of the franchisor, and the franchisor’s key goal is to see their franchisees happy and successful.