Parties In The 21st Century: Fun For The Young And Young At Heart

Is Business a Game?

Some types of work are just good clean fun, where thinking outside of the box is not only encouraged, but has its rewards. Games2u offers a selection of activities that appeal to both boys and girls, young and old.

“Human beings, by changing the inner attitudes of their minds, can change the outer aspects of their lives.” – William James, philosopher.

The rise of mobile activities – everything from the peaceful petting zoo to the more rambunctious silent discos – proves that Aussie families want a variety of entertainment from the comfort of their own homes.

Games2u has pioneered the rise of the mobile entertainment industry which inspires people to have fun, play, and use their imagination.

The Experienced Gamer

In 2014, Con Klestinis bought the South Australian Franchise of Games2u with the long-term goal of eventually running the company. In November of 2016, an opportunity arose to buy Games2u Australia. The Franchise had proved itself to Con; he was, and still is, a firm believer in its success.
“Having successfully run my own Franchise for almost three years, without hesitation I bought Games2u,” Con explains.

Con now has the years of experience required to guide new Franchisees on their Games2u journey.

Entertainment for girls and boys alike.

“Most parents are aware that mobile phones and video games play a significant role in their children’s lives. There must be a balance though. At Games2u, we not only provide our state-of-the art mobile Game Theatres, but also provide activities to promote children being active and engaging socially with each other.”

Games2u can mix-and-match a combination of games choices, and party-goers enjoy a diverse experience. Statistics show that mobile businesses are growing and technology is constantly changing, and for this reason Games2u is always on the lookout for the latest trends. Because of these unique options there is hardly any competition in the enterprise.

Gaming in the Future

Games2u Franchisees have experienced a 10% to 20% growth in revenue each year, and Con knows first-hand what is needed to run a successful Games2u business. He feels now is the perfect time to show others the true potential of the business.



In twelve months’ time the number of Franchises throughout Australia will increase, and this in turn will only benefit all existing Franchisees as game-lovers across the country are made aware of the brand. Con’s strategic priority is helping people to understand all that Games2u does, including the fun and excitement it provides. Advertising nationally as well as at a local level helps to achieve these goals.

Much has changed since Con took over the business. A new website, online booking form and enquiries are just a few of the many new initiatives, making booking easier and more accessible for customers.

Gaming Around the World: A Fast Growing Trend Everyone Enjoys

Make a splash with great summertime activities.

It is a growing industry where the term ‘mobile game’ means far more than an application on your smartphone.
Video games are only 20% of what Games2u offer their clientele. One of the very positive attributes of Games2u is that they also offer physical activities such as Laser Tag and Bumper Balls, and a quick search on YouTube shows just how energetic and fun those activities are!

These days, parents strive to give their children the very best birthday party experience imaginable, with mums and dads competing to provide their kids’ friends with goodies which go way beyond the humble lolly bag.

The Advantages of Working in the Gaming Industry

Franchises are also open to country regions of Australia, meaning that children, families, and businesses with less resources can still access an exciting party or event. For the Franchise owner, this means there is less competition and more opportunity to develop an all-important relationship with their client, leading to regular bookings and further work via word of mouth advertising.

Con is proud of the fact his company actively promotes a healthy lifestyle for children, and that his products work to encourage participation from girls and boys alike.

Franchisees have the opportunity to entertain while being entertained. They expand their knowledge of the games and events planning industries, and go to work everyday to make people happy. Because there is such a great mix of video and physical games, both clients and Franchisees are not restricted by fickle weather, and by working in an active environment, Franchisees remain active themselves.

Be Supported in a New Enterprise

Work in an entertaining industry!

Each Franchisee starts with a new, fitted-out mobile Games Theatre and equipment. Training in their use is critical to running their business. Games2u conduct on-the-job training, where Franchisees travel to the head office and go on the road to run real parties. Carefully guided through the processes, they quickly learn the essentials of running a successful event. Games2u also spends time going through their training manual, operating systems, marketing strategies, and online booking system.

Support is ongoing. Games2u employs today’s technology to keep in regular contact with Franchisees, and they can feel comfortable to call at any time with any queries or concerns they may have.


Own Your Own Games2u Franchise, and Bring a Smile to the Faces of Kids of All Ages

If you have an interest in the ever-changing gaming industry, an entrepreneurial spirit, and want to get on the path to running your own business where fun is the name of the game, please click here or contact +613 8658 2292 for more info.