Looking for a market leading franchise business under 30k – this one is an ace

Once in awhile you come across a franchise where everything just stacks up, where you just happen to be at the right place at the right time. These opportunities are not common place and I guess that is why we got excited when we came across Sportzing.

The owners of Sportzing are eager to see the business scale up and are willing to cut the price of entry to get the right franchisees with the right attitude on board.

Alan and Sandie Dean are prepared to lower the entry point cost for a Sportzing Franchise from $49,950 to $29,950

Alan and Sandie Dean (founders) are prepared to lower the entry point cost for a Sportzing Franchise from $49,950 to $29,950. An almost 40% drop. The end game being that motivated individuals will not be discouraged by a high entry fee. When you see a reduction like that perhaps it is only natural that the first thought of the conscientious buyer is ‘what is the catch?’.

This is the whole point, this a market leading business that is safe as houses. Let’s examine some of the attributes of Sportzing…

Training and mentoring: At Sportzing, this involves a 2-week training period, followed by a 12 week ‘Get Start’ programme. The training covers every aspect of the business including; sales, marketing, small business management, administration systems, machinery operation and all aspects of tennis court maintenance. That is as comprehensive as I have seen in any franchise.

When we met up with Allan Dean in Melbourne recently he said that a new franchisee was like part of the family, the business was totally invested in their success. What this means in real terms is that apart from the extensive training and mentoring, the management team are always contactable by phone or email and will do their utmost to make their franchisee a success.

Brand Awareness and Differentiation: Founded in 1994, Sportzing has been in the Industry for over 25 years currently serviceing 5000 customers, they are a national business and the leading brand in the Tennis maintenance Industry.

They are also not easily copied, Sportzing uses patented machinery and have been recognised as the only company to receive Tennis Australia’s approval for their technology and methods.

Recession Proof Business: Sportzing’s primary target market apart from Tennis Clubs and Schools are people who own tennis courts, so they are wealthy households who enjoy entertaining. The economic status of this clientele makes Sportzing pretty recession proof, as households in these suburbs are less likely to feel the full brunt of a recession.

Allan Dean: “a new franchisee is like part of the family, the business is totally invested in their success”.

Process Driven: The best businesses have tried and trusted processes which help create efficiencies that lead to better experiences and happier customers. Sportzing is clinical on processes, from mapping out every tennis court in the country to a CRM system that engages customers on a regular basis to an automated lead allocation system. At Sportzing, any new franchisee will have all the tools to make the opportunity lucrative.

Sustainability and Growth: Tennis is still growing in Australia, according to the last sensis report 1.5 million Australian’s listed tennis as their preferred sport. , Sportzing sits perfectly positioned to take advantage of this boom as industry leaders in the tennis maintenance business.

With such a unique targeted business, motivated founders and a low entry point, surely this opportunity deserves your full attention. This special price is for a limited time only, so enquire today.




Sportzing Court Care is Australia’s foremost Franchise specialising in servicing, cleaning, maintaining and installing tennis courts. Sportzing is now recruiting new Franchisees around Australia. To view their latest Franchise opportunities please click here or call Call 1800 818 894 for a confidential discussion.