Interview: “It’s important to have a healthy lifestyle, for every aspect of your life” – Matej Varhalik, Co-Founder & CEO, SpeedFit

Eden Exchange recently interviewed Matej Varhalik, Co-Founder and CEO of SpeedFit.SpeedFit is an innovative workout option using EMS (electro-muscle stimulation) to provide time-efficient and effective workouts in their studios across Australia. Read on to discover what the SpeedFit point of difference is as well as how you can enquire about a franchise opportunity with SpeedFit.

Matej Varhalik, Co-Founder and CEO of SpeedFit

Eden Exchange: Hello Matej, thank you for taking the time to speak to us today. Can we start with your current role in the business and what sparked the creation of SpeedFit?

Matej Varhalik: I’m the Co-Founder and CEO of SpeedFit. The spark to create SpeedFit came from a frustration of not having time to squeeze a normal gym routine into my busy lifestyle, as a businessman and dad. I came across EMS technology, saw results, and I realised its potential if we combined it with personal training. I also realised that there are many more time-poor people out there like me, and that’s how SpeedFit was born!

Eden Exchange: In simple terms, what does SpeedFit do?

Matej Varhalik: We combine personal training with EMS (electro-muscle stimulation). In short, we provide an effective 20 minute session which offers the same benefits as many hours spent in the gym. In one session you engage each muscle group 120 times, which creates the same effect as normal HIIT (high intensity interval training) without any impact on your joints or possibility to cause injuries. As the effect of EMS is intense and as it’s a full body workout, you need only one session a week!

Our goal is to serve at least 50,000 Australians. So in order to do that, we need around 200 studio locations Australia wide.

Eden Exchange: We see so many fitness fads come and go – how is SpeedFit different from other fitness centers on the market and what is its staying power?

Matej Varhalik: Our main point of difference is the technology we use, how we use it and what market we serve. We created a perfect combination of EMS and personal training, that can serve clients within a 30 minute time slot once a week. You walk into a boutique set-up and you don’t need to bring a gym bag with you, as we provide you with all you need – training garments, towels, non-slip socks, fully equipped showers and complimentary pre- and post-workout drinks.

Because of this, we attract a lot of busy people and busy mums who need a time-efficient fitness solution. We also have an older demographic who want to avoid pressure and impact on their joints, as they can’t push themselves for a dynamic, high intensity workout – but we provide them all those strength benefits with SpeedFit.

Each workout is tailored to the individual’s needs, with the workout adaptive enough to vary accordingly. For the elderly or injured, the workout can be extremely mild, while those wanting something a little more rigorous (even elite athletes), can experience a hardcore workout with strong muscle contractions and dynamic exercises. SpeedFit is suitable to almost everyone!

Eden Exchange: Where do you see SpeedFit in five years time?

Matej Varhalik: We see ourselves helping more and more people. Our goal is to serve at least 50,000 Australians. So in order to do that, we need around 200 studio locations Australia wide.

Eden Exchange: Why is it a good time to be servicing the fitness industry?

Matej Varhalik: People are starting to understand how important it is to have a healthy lifestyle, for every aspect of their life. They can perform better at work and at home by being strong and fit. Physical and mental health is more and more important, and by decreasing physical work in our jobs, people need to do something outside of their work. SpeedFit perfectly fits into their schedule without overtaking their life!

The most important thing is to have strong people skills to service clients, and have willingness to help and motivate people to achieve their goals.

Eden Exchange: Do SpeedFit franchisees need to have specific skills before they enquire? Or any experience that is necessary?

Matej Varhalik: No previous fitness experience is needed, as we provide very comprehensive training. However, as we are in the service industry, the most important thing is to have strong people skills to service clients, and have willingness to help and motivate people to achieve their goals.

Eden Exchange: There is a lot of drive and passion needed to motivate people towards an active and healthy lifestyle. What kind of people would you say are suited to becoming a SpeedFit franchisee?

Matej Varhalik: Exactly as mentioned above – a positive, energetic personality is the key to succeed!

Eden Exchange: What’s the best part of your job? What drives you to do what you do?

Matej Varhalik: The changes we have made to our clients life! I see many of them who have struggled with many issues and SpeedFit has turned their lives around for good. This is priceless! Also to drive, educate and appreciate our staff members is a strong point for me, I love improving people’s lives, as this helps me to keep improving my own life!

Give a SpeedFit session a go!

Eden Exchange: What is typically involved in the setup of a SpeedFit franchise and what can a typical franchisee expect to receive in return?

Matej Varhalik: We look after most things in the set up. We help you to find the site location, we take care of the development of that site and we do a pre-launch marketing campaign. We also provide comprehensive training in-studio management, staff hiring and marketing. We also support you in your first studio for at least 2 weeks after opening until we know you’re ready to fly!

Eden Exchange: Do you have any advice for anyone considering enquiring about a SpeedFit franchise?

Matej Varhalik: Give a SpeedFit session a go! Visit a SpeedFit near you to experience our point of difference and offering, the culture and the people we have in the studios, both staff and clients. If it appeals to you, please get in touch and we can work together to take our business to the next level.

Eden Exchange: Thank you for your time Matej, it has been a pleasure.

About SpeedFit

Offering a unique concept, SpeedFit is the most established EMS training business in Australia with strong brand recognition online, in print and mainstream media, giving you the confidence in a brand people know and trust. The SpeedFit franchise model has been tried and tested in multiple countries around the world and in Perth & Sydney, proving itself as successful and in demand. Having said that, they have only scratched the surface of this sought after business opportunity and there are many new unchartered territories up for grabs for suitable candidates. This is no fitness fad but a tried-and-tested method of getting fit with just one 20-minute workout a week. People are discovering how beneficial SpeedFit is to their fitness and health: and SpeedFit is rapidly developing a cult-like following around the world. T