Podcast: Ep#96 “I Was Able To Grow a Business and Continue My Career in Surface Protection Thanks To EziCleen”- Kevin Binding, EziCleen Licensee for Melbourne’s North East

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Today on Eden Exchanges we spoke to Kevin Binding licensee for EziCleen in Melbourne’s North East. Kevin explores his business past and how opted out of early retirement to become an EziCleen licensee. Kevin explains how the EziCleen business model works, what future opportunities are available as a licensee and much much more.

Kevin Binding- EziCleen Licensee for Melbourne’s North East

Discussion Points:

  • Background
    Kevin’s career in surface protection for a German company
  • Industrial retraining
    Moving on and going back to university for a career change
  • A change for independence
    Choosing to retire early or find a new opportunity
  • Family friends in the business
    How Kevin utilised his network and found an opportunity with EziCleen
  • Why EziCleen
    The merits of EziCleen
  • EziCleen applied
    How best to operate an EziCleen business for your needs
  • What is Ezicleen?
    Kevin explains what EziCleen is and how it works
  • Who would suit an EziCleen
    Options of adding EziCleen to your existing business or starting a new business
  • How to get in touch
    Who best to contact and steps before you enquire

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About EziCleen
If you desire to create a better work-life balance, more opportunities to spend time with your family, the ability to choose your own work hours and earn the type of money that you want, then an EziCleen Licensed Territory could be for you.
EziCleen also have exclusive distribution rights with other leading protective coating products that can be applied to various surfaces such as ceramics, tiles, grout, metals, natural stone or engineered stone, giving our licensees a diverse income stream.
We have minimal competition as our products can only be purchased and applied by trained licensed applicators. Click here to enquire and find out more.