Director Briefing with Shane Doyle – National Franchisor for Mr. Antenna

We spoke to Shane Doyle, the National Franchisor for Mr. Antenna of The Mr. Group franchises. Shane discusses his role within Mr. Antenna, how the company is growing alongside advancements in technology and what new franchisees with Mr. Antenna can expect as they begin their journey with the company.

Shane Doyle, National Franchisor for Mr. Antenna

Eden Exchange: Hello Shane, thank you for taking the time to speak to us today. Could you start off by telling us how you first became involved with Mr. Antenna? What is your role?

Shane Doyle: I have been involved in audio/visual installations for over 20 years. I had just sold my business when Joe (who is now my business partner) had just purchased Mr. Antenna. After several discussions as to how we could evolve the brand I came on board as a partner. Joe has a great reputation in the industry and in the commercial sector. While he focuses on that I manage all of our franchisees and contractors across the country with technical support and training, along with the ever-important day to day operations of the national office. Simply put I am the National Franchisor for Mr. Antenna.

Eden Exchange: What is it that Mr. Antenna does? How big is the market and who are your key clients?

Shane Doyle: Mr. Antenna services both residential and commercial clients who have issues with their digital TV reception. Whether it be a simple repair, upgrade of the system or a new property our technicians will advise of the best option to get the best result.  

Mr. Antenna also covers all aspects in the audio visual industry including TV wall mounting, home audio and theatre, wireless access points for better streaming, CCTV and alarm installations.

“Whether it be a simple repair, upgrade of the system or a new property our technicians will advise of the best option to get the best result.”

Eden Exchange: Mr. Antenna has been around for the past 20 years now. How has the business grown in this time and what is the market position at the moment?

Shane Doyle: We’ve been around for a long time and the business and industry has changed a lot over those years. We have been through the digital upgrade and now have more TV stations than ever before, along with plenty of streaming services to choose from. The simple fact is that we are technology installers and as the industry evolves so do we, constantly learning and making sure we’re at the forefront of these technologies so that we can give our customers the best experience.

Eden Exchange: What type of services do you offer and how do you stay relevant in the market?

Shane Doyle: Mr. Antenna offers a wide range of services from new antenna installations, reception issues, TV wall mounting, home theatre installations, satellite installations, data points, additional TV points along with CCTV & security systems. All of these services keep us relevant as each one covers all market trends from basic reception issues to new home installs: TV wall mounts and theatre, CCTV for security and data and wireless access points for streaming services.

“The simple fact is that we are technology installers and as the industry evolves so do we.”

Eden Exchange: What kind of back-end systems do you use with your franchisees? How many franchisees do you have nationally?

Shane Doyle: Over the last 3 years we have been developing and building our own IT platforms to help the franchisees with work allocation, as well as back-end reporting systems so we can work with each of them individually on their personal goals and performance. This was developed and trialled with our employee and contractor technicians and now is ready for the franchisees to use and enjoy. This year we have 10 new franchisees in the system.

Eden Exchange: You are known for delivering first rate quality service, how do you guarantee this offer and how does your service differ from others in the market?

Shane Doyle: Customer service is very high on our (and our franchisees’) list of priorities and we have several ways to ensure our clients are getting the best service:

  • Initially when they contact our client care team to book a job they are advised there and then of the appointment time and the technician who will be doing the job
  • The appointment is then confirmed with a follow up text
  • Once the tech arrives at the job they will discuss the issue with the client, diagnose the fault and explain the best solution
  • Our techs also take before and after photos of the installation, ensuring the highest of quality is kept for all installs

Eden Exchange: Mr. Antenna is a national brand, where are you focusing your growth at the moment? Is there a particular region?

Shane Doyle: All of our markets are growing. Melbourne and Sydney are experiencing a huge demand for our services, we have plenty of room for new technicians in all capital cities.

All of our markets are growing…we have plenty of room for new technicians in all capital cities”

Eden Exchange: What can a new franchisee expect when becoming a Mr. Antenna franchisee in regards to training, equipment, support and client income guarantee?

Shane Doyle: Starting up as a new franchisee can be very daunting to a lot of people so the initial set up is very important. We do a full four weeks of hands-on training with new franchisees where we cover all aspects of the job along with what tools and equipment they will need. Franchisees also conduct a three day induction training where we do in-depth training on our software system, sales training and business coaching with guidance on how to build up your business along their journey.

The support doesn’t stop there: each month the franchisee has contact from their franchisor where we will discuss the past month and continue the mentoring. There are regular franchise and training meetings throughout the year.

Eden Exchange: Do you have any advice for anyone considering enquiring about becoming a franchisee with Mr. Antenna? How would someone reach out to you for more information?

Shane Doyle: The first step is just touching base – speak to one of our brand specialists and have them send you an information kit, you can even do a trial day on the road with one of our franchisees! It will give you a great eye opener to a day in the life of one of our technicians. You can get in touch with us on 131149 or, or click on the enquiry button below.

Eden Exchange: Thank you for your time. It has been a pleasure.

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About the business:

Mr. Antenna is part of The Mr. Group of companies. The Mr. Group has grown from the Mr. Antenna brand, which is a house-hold name across Australia and has been in operation for over 25 years. The group incorporates brands such as Mr. Pest Controller, Mr. Antenna and Mr. Gutter Cleaning.

The team behind Mr. Antenna has decades of experience in the industry. Our many years of franchising experience have helped us build a proven system that works. “Your success is our success”, isn’t just something we say, our entire system is designed around it. We’d love to show you how it all comes together and the resources we provide to help you grow.