Podcast Ep#89 “Small business is not a job,it is a lifestyle and EziCleen ticked all the boxes for me” – Warren Turner EziCleen Territory Manager for NSW and the ACT

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Today on Eden Exchanges we spoke to Warren Turner, EziCleen Licensee and Territory Manager for NSW and the ACT. Warren gives us insights into his professional background and why he believed small business was the next opportunity for him. Warren discusses the opportunities the EziCleen business has created for him, how the business stands out in the market, the philosophy of going into business for yourself and your family and the best advice for being the best in the business.

Warren Turner- EziCleen Territory Manager for NSW and the ACT

Discussion Points: 

  • Background
    Warren discusses his professional background and his career so far,
  • Changing roles
    How Warren came across the EziCleen opportunity and his job role today.
  • What is EziCleen?
    Warren Explains the business and how it came about.
  • Moving on up
    Advancement to Territory manager and future possibilities.
  • What not to do
    Strategies of being his own boss and learning from his managers in the past.
  • Making the most of it
    How Warren decided to make the most of the opportunity and spend more time with his family.
  • The merits of EziCleen
    What sold Warren on the EziCleen business and why he stays with the business.
  • The Difference between a Licensee and Franchisee
    Warren explains the difference between the business models and the merits of EziCleen’s model.
  • It’s not a job
    Warren identifies key reasons why people choose to franchise and why small business is a lifestyle not a job.
  • The many applications of EziCleen
    The many applications and customers of EziCleen
  • What’s the appeal in NSW and the ACT?
    Warren lists his specifies his busiest areas and the need for more licensees in NSW and the ACT
  • The best piece of advice
    Warren offers his best advice about going into business for yourself and how to be your own boss.

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