Podcast: Ep#116 Learning Comes First! (ft. Manish Goklaney, Co-Founder of Learn Primary)

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Today on Eden Exchanges we spoke to Manish Goklaney, Co-Founder of Learn Primary, an innovative learning platform for children and teachers, working together with Funding Strategies.

Manish has always been an entrepreneur at heart, and with kids in primary school he wanted to be more involved in their learning. Learn Primary is an ideal online learning companion, for children, parents and teachers.

Manish Goklaney, Co-Founder of Learn Primary

Discussion Points:

  • Background
    Manish’s background as a tech entrepreneur
  • Kids in primary school
    Manish wanted to be an engaged parent in his children’s learning progress
  • Sourcing information 
    Struggled to find proper information to help the kids with their tasks
  • Parental engagement 
    Proved better outcomes for primary school children.
  • Current curriculum focus
    English and Maths as primary focus
  • Engaging content
    Working with teachers and designers to make content appealing and interesting to children
  • Assessment and insight
    Providing teachers and parents with invaluable insight into their children’s learning ability, creating personalised learning for each child
  • The foreseeable future
    More and more schools signing up for a trial run – increasing interest nation wide
  • Global market
    2.2 million children in primary school in Australia, but globally they see a huge interest in their product, primarily in Canada, South Africa and the UK
  • Be a part of Learn Primary’s future
    How to get involved with the business and help to improve the primary school learning processes
  • How to get in touch
    How to contract Manish or a member of the team from Funding Strategies

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About Learn Primary Pty Ltd

Learn Primary Pty Ltd has created a unique and adaptive digital learning platform called Learn Primary with an initial focus on the Mathematics and English curriculum for the formative primary education years.

Product features:

  • Curriculum aligned across primary school Maths and English subjects
  • Adaptive learning algorithm to personalise the learning experience for every child
  • Rich reporting and insight provided to parents and teachers to effectively intervene in the child’s learning
  • Device agnostic, cost effective, highly scalable

Established in July 2016, Learn Primary was released into production in July 2018 through a combination of self funding and targeted investment. Interest from both schools and parents has reflected strong initial demand with over 1,000 parents, 500 students and more than 50+ schools taking part, or registered to take part in structured early adopter programs.

Visit Funding Strategies to find out more.

Alternatively, please contact Funding Strategies by phone on +61 7 3160 2840 or via email: brisbane@fundingstrategies.com.au

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