Interview: A Skip Bin on Wheels – Mobile Skip Bin Franchise Opportunity Spreading Across Australia. (Ft. Managing Director Jacob Spencer Of Mobile Skips)

Recently, Eden Exchange spoke with Jacob Spencer, who is the Managing Director (MD) at Mobile Skips, a unique franchising business delivering trailer style skip bins on wheels. Jacob discusses how the business has grown its brand, its history, why the business is superseding all expectations and what franchisee opportunities are available.

Jacob Spencer- Managing Director and owner of the Mobile Skips franchise
Bunnings acts as an agent for Mobile Skips and currently generates about thirty percent of the business.

Eden Exchange: Hello Jacob, thanks for the opportunity. Can we start by asking you about your professional background, what your current role is and how you came to be a part of the franchise?

Jacob: I bought the Mobile Skips brand from the original founders in 2016. My background is in food franchising. I started my small business career twenty five years ago with McDonalds and later moved into running operations for Boost Juice Bars and then moved on to be the Managing Director of Salsas Fresh Mex. I came across Mobile Skips and saw a fantastic product that customers loved and a simple and easy to run franchise model.

Eden Exchange: What can you tell us about the business Mobile Skips? Specifically what it is? How it works and the story about how the business came about?

JacobMobile Skips are a simpler, better & cheaper alternative to the old fashioned skip bins. It’s a skip bin on a trailer, what a great idea! With lockable lids & no permits required by councils, these are just one of many features that make Mobile Skips the preferred way to get rubbish easily removed from your home or worksite. The concept was founded in 2006 by Cam Griffiths, who saw a similar concept in the US, and like all good things, he brought the idea to Australia. After ten years of growing Mobile Skips, Cam was ready to pass the business over to some new blood and that’s when my team and I took over.

Eden ExchangeYour service is a complete disposal service. How does Mobile Skips handle it’s disposal and does it differ depending on state?

JacobMobile Skips uses a clever patented system that allows front lift compactor trucks to come to your yard and empty up to eight Mobile Skips at once. This means no going to tips or recycling centres and you can save this time by delivering more Mobile Skips or doing local area marketing. Each state has a supplier that we contract the work to. Mobile Skips carefully manage these contracts to ensure a high level of service, price and recycling.

Eden Exchange: How does Mobile skips differ from its competitors? Is there anything that it offers that others do not?

JacobMobile Skips are better than a standard skip as we have lockable lids, and there is no need for council permits to be left on the street either. Our bins won’t damage driveways and can fit in undercover car parks. Just check out our one minute video on how the whole system works. It’s easy as!


Eden Exchange: What is your current long term goal for the business? Do you have any milestones?

JacobOur big goal for Mobile Skips is to be the #1 choice for getting rid of unwanted rubbish for all households and small projects around Australia. We currently have over four hundred Mobile Skips running around and we see this growing to over a thousand within a few years.

Eden Exchange: How does Mobile Skips achieve its bottom line? Do you offer special services other than skip hire? What are your significant expenses?

JacobMobile Skips is a “one product” company and this give us the advantage of being able to do this one product really well. The main operating expense is the tipping of the bins and the fixed cost of leasing the Mobile Skips trailers from us. Growing sales is the best way to maintain a healthy bottom line.

“A skip bin on a mobile trailer… What a great idea! No council permits needed and our skips dont damage your driveway. The lids are lockable for safety and are a one product complete service from delivery to disposal.”


Eden Exchange: How many customers does a typical Mobile Skips franchisee service in a month?

JacobThe average “hires” an established franchise territory does are between seventy five – ninety. In the summer months this can be as high as a hundred and fifty.

Eden Exchange:  Bunnings Warehouse offers availability at their location. Is this the most common source of customers? Are your services available via any other business?

JacobBunnings acts as an agent for Mobile Skips and currently generates about thirty percent of the business. All other customers come in direct from either our website, or commercial accounts.

Eden Exchange: Your services are available nationwide, are there any key developments areas you are looking into?

JacobMobile Skips was founded in Melbourne, and due to this Melbourne is our largest market with the most franchisees. We service Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide but have only being doing so for a couple of years so all of these markets have huge opportunity for growth.

Eden Exchange: What about the business excites you the most. Is there anything that you are proud of the most?

JacobI’m excited most by exceeding customer expectation. The old fashioned skip bin industry is notorious for poor service and shoddy operators. We are completely changing this perception with a great product with amazing service is fantastic.

Eden Exchange: Does a potential franchisee require any experiences or qualifications before becoming a franchisee?

JacobNo technical skills required what so ever. If you like driving, can successfully back a trailer and love talking to potential customers, then this could be a good fit for you.

Eden Exchange: In your experience what personality works best with this type of business and what skills sets are most beneficial?

JacobSomeone that cares about good customer experience and doesn’t want to let people down. Is organised, practical and personable. Idealy someone who loves the idea of talking to lots of potential customers.

“Our trailer style skip bins are home and workplace friendly and can fit in places a standard skip can not.”

Eden Exchange: What advice do you have for anyone looking into the Mobile Skips franchise and/or is looking to own a business for the first time?

JacobDo your research, taking the time to understand what the business will give you. Does it fit with want you want from a business? Talk to existing Franchisees and get their opinions. If possible find out what customers think of the business / product / service. Happy customers = Healthy Business.

Eden Exchange: Thank you for your time. It has been a pleasure.





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About Mobile Skips

Mobile Skips are seeking enthusiastic self-starters who are passionate about customer service and would love the opportunity to grow their own business. As a Mobile Skips franchisee you will be supported by proven systems, cutting edge IT and a support team that are invested in your success. Mobile Skips is different to all the other Franchise systems out there as we invest alongside our incoming Franchisees, creating a true partnership in the success of their territory. Take the next steps now to join one of Australia’s most innovative and fast growing brands.

Mobile Skips –  Australia’s fastest growing rubbish skip franchise.

We provide a clever solution to the growing worldwide waste problem. We are currently undertaking a rollout of Mobile Skip franchise sites throughout Australia. Underpinning this expansion is our partnership with Bunnings Warehouse. Our franchise businesses are each strategically located to service multiple Bunnings stores.  Feel free to contact us to be part of this exciting growth phase.

Mobile Skips has been trading and developing our unique trailer skip hire business since 2006. With population increasing and becoming denser in every major city and town in Australia, Mobile Skips has a distinct advantage over the conventional skip hire businesses. Being mounted on a trailer, our Mobile Skips give our franchisees the advantage of meeting demand quickly and getting into locations that all the other traditional “truck mounted” skip bins can’t access.
Each Franchisee operates a territory designated by postcodes where they deliver and pick up Mobile Skip bins within this territory. Our unique design then allows for a large front lift compactor truck (from one of our national suppliers) to empty the bins as required, so there is never any down time taking bins to transfer stations or recycling centres to be emptied.
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