Sandwich Chefs – A Food Franchise Invested in Franchisee Success

With the sector suffering from recent “controversies”, Franchises have had a bad time of it in the media lately. However, the actions of a small minority of franchisors shouldn’t reflect on all franchises and certainly not on reputable franchises with viable growth models focused on customer service and selling quality products.

According Gary Powell, Sandwich Chefs Network Development Manager, the franchisor’s focus should be their core product, “Too many franchisors make the franchisee the focus of their revenue model. At Sandwich Chefs our core business is to sell the product, everyone in the organisation understands that the way we make money is selling, in our case, the highest quality sandwiches. We don’t manipulate the franchisee / franchisor relationship to maximise our revenues. We know that to increase our revenues we want our stores, our franchisees, to sell more product and more franchise stores selling our product. It’s a win / win for franchisee and franchisor”

From what has been presented to Eden Exchange, Sandwich Chefs is the model franchise. Sandwich Chefs has broad market appeal and hard to copy elements in its product range with unique speciality sandwiches (or make your own) incorporating high quality fresh ingredients, artesian breads, and slow roasted carvery meats. The reason why we believe it is a standout and should be a model for other franchises is for a multitude of reasons…

Sandwich Chefs focus on viablity of each store

High turnover means high royalties and franchise fees, which is great for the franchisor, and most often good for the franchisees profitability too, but if the turnover can only be achieved at the expense of franchisee profitability, for example a store is paying a premium unaffordable rent to achieve that turnover, then no one will win in the long term. According to Powell, “We look at the long-term viability of each store. We use retail property experts to identify potential sites and to negotiate our deals. The royalty fee generated from a potential site is not our priority, our priority is the long-term viability of our stores”.

Focusing on viability also means that Sandwich Chefs have designed their stores to deliver a return on investment. According to Powell, “there is no use gold plating stores if they do not deliver on key objectives such as cost, ROI and functionality. Delivering a practical cost to deliver ROI must be an essential consideration in all store design and menu development elements”.

Multi Site Ownership

Sandwich Chefs model is focused on developing franchisees for multi-site ownership. The Franchisor makes it their goal to train new franchisees and get them to a level where they are capable of operating multiple stores.

Sandwich Chefs don’t just talk the talk, in fact, 30% of current franchisees are multi store owners and over 50% of the new shop openings are existing franchisees reinvesting in another store.


Sandwich Chefs offer a comprehensive 4 week, one on one training program managed by a qualified trainer. Training is focused on delivering product to standard, every time and how to optimise the performance of a franchise business..  There is a further 2 weeks training provided by a “new store opening team” onsite, for all staff, in a franchisees new store to launch the business. Sandwich Chefs operations support staff provide ongoing support to the franchise network. Sandwich Chefs has one of the lowest stores to Operations Manager ratios in the industry ensuring regular contact with all franchisees. Operations Managers are selected primarily for their ability to communicate and have empathy with franchisees, they are chefs, ex business owners, and ex franchisees

In addition Head Office provides on going support of the network in Operations Innovation, Purchasing, I.T, local area marketing and brand marketing and advertising.

From franchisee to business person  

It is obvious that Sandwich Chefs don’t want people to just buy a job, they want their franchisees to develop personally and professionally; to become business people and achieve their personal goals.

Sandwich Chefs is looking for the right attitude more than anything else. They want people to think big and own multiple stores.

This is a great opportunity for someone to run their own business with a brand that is well established and has great support with all the proven logistics in place, .  What is more important is that these guys really care and for them franchisee success is paramount. Sandwich Chefs is a story that will rebuild your trust in franchise business. Talk to them today.

About Sandwich Chefs

Sandwich Chefs is Australia’s leading gourmet carvery and make your own sandwich franchise. They’ve enjoyed growing success as a brand and have over 30 years of experience developing a successful franchise system. With over 54 stores nationwide they’re always on the lookout for enthusiastic businesspeople to join with the possibility of multi store ownership.

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