Xpresso Mobile Café – Licence Opportunity

The best mobile coffee franchise | Xpresso Mobile Café

Key Strengths:

  •  Gross Income guarantee of $500 per day during launch period!
  •  Independent Business Coach & Mentor
  •  A brand-new and ready to run LDV G10+ 6 speed auto diesel van

About the business

About The Brand  

Established in 2002, Xpresso Mobile Café is a privately owned, 100% Australian family business that prides itself on upholding traditional values in customer service and quality. Simply put, they look after their licensees and consider them to be a part of the national Xpresso family. 

Xpresso Mobile Café is a premium mobile café licensee system, dedicated to servicing customers across Australia. We aim to bring fresh food and coffee to people working in densely populated light industrial, technology and general business districts.

We achieve this by giving licensees the knowledge and equipment they need to service their local community – no matter where they are!

About the Business Opportunity

Nearly 19 million Australians consume at least one cup of coffee a day. And 23% of those choose to start their day with a wake-up commuter coffee to shake off that post-sleep dreariness! To put this number into perspective, on average, Australians drink 14 cups of coffee every week. 

It’s no wonder that the Australian café industry is valued at around $8 billion, while coffee and café sales across Australia have reached a revenue of almost $5 billion. 

With just these numbers alone, it’s easy to see why coffee in Australia is king!

However, despite Australia’s obsession with coffee, nearly 45 per cent of Australians choose to make their coffee at home rather than buying from a café. This is largely because they don’t want to venture far from their daily commute or run the risk of purchasing a poorly made coffee.  

But with an Xpresso Mobile Café franchise, you can take advantage of this market. 

Thanks to its mobile design and premium high-quality beans, you can help Australians get their caffeine fix absolutely anywhere, while providing them with the high-quality coffee they deserve.

You can park the van near an office district, at a university, near a hospital, gym, local market etc. So, your customers don’t need to get out of their way to have a great tasting coffee. 

Plus, it’s just not coffee that an Xpresso Mobile Café offers. Our wide selection of food options operates on a hybrid model, where you will have access to fresh snacks and lunch products from our national food distributors.

Key Features of the Business

☕ Barista training & equipment familiarisation + secret recipes!

☕ Established Brand with national recognition!

☕ Fully Managed & collaborative launch!

☕ Lifelong Support & Encouragement from franchisor

☕ Award winning premium cafe products including specialty coffee beans!

☕ Hybrid Food model – allows YOU to choose the food that YOUR customers want!

☕ Fixed Fee royalty.  

☕ Free Events handed to you!

☕ We are a private company serving YOU – not a public company maximising a return for shareholders!

☕ Flexibility of working outside your large territory on weekends and any evenings!

Experience is not required to own a franchise with us. Once you purchase your mobile coffee van, we will provide you with a comprehensive and ongoing training program to guarantee you are comfortable as you transition to your new business and lifestyle. 

Our online network is also always here to support you and answer your questions. You’ll find that sharing knowledge is sharing strength, which is why we keep our franchisees connected to us. You will also have access to a national support hotline and a shared intranet portal, ensuring that you’ll never be alone in this exciting journey!

If running your own Xpresso Mobile Café franchise piques your interest, then do not miss this exciting opportunity to be part of an industry that shows no signs of slowing down! With incredible support, amazing returns and a work/life balance that many simply dream of, this franchise is expected to be snapped up quickly. 

Click HERE to register your interest and kickstart your brewing journey today!