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Inform the market about new developments, important organisational news or news about transactions. Get your message in front of the right people. Eden Exchange’s Director briefing updates range from CEO interviews and podcasts to insight interviews, company announcements and more.

Recent Director Briefings:


Interview: “It’s important to have a healthy lifestyle, for every aspect of your life” – Matej Varhalik, Co-Founder & CEO, SpeedFit

We recently interviewed Matej Varhalik, Co-Founder and CEO of SpeedFit.SpeedFit is an innovative workout option using EMS (electro-muscle stimulation) to provide time-efficient and effective workouts in their studios across Australia. Read on to discover what the SpeedFit point of difference is as well as how you can enquire about a franchise opportunity with SpeedFit.




Innovative Finance Solutions In A New Financial Climate: Director Briefing with Rod Berryman of Flexible Capital

We spoke to Rod Berryman, co-founder and partner at Flexible Capital about the bespoke finance solutions that he provides to a variety of businesses and individuals. We also delve into the nature of the finance industry due to the banking royal commission, how lenders and businesses can succeed in the current financial climate, and Flexible Capital’s plans moving forward.




Business Seller Briefing with Helen and Nick Galik from Exford Meadows

We spoke to Helen and Nick Galik, co-directors of Exford Meadows. They discussed their business which has recently been put on the market for sale. It is a lucrative property featuring an eight bedroom home, fully furnished accommodation, a day spa/gallery and a mineral water spring, and is being sold as two separate lots that can be purchased either separately or together. Operating directly across from Hepburn Springs Mineral Reserve, the business is primely located to benefit from the region’s vastly popular tourist destination.




Director Briefing with Manish Goklaney from Learn Primary

We spoke to Manish Goklaney, Co-Founder at Learn Primary, a platform that supplements formal classroom-based learning and allows teachers to use the platform in the classroom to supplement their teaching and children to continue their learning at home with the school aligned curriculum. Parents can engage effectively with their child’s learning using the platform as well.




Director Briefing with Ajit Ravindran and Will Yang from Lenexa Medical

Recently, Eden Exchange spoke with Ajit Ravindran, Co-Founder and CEO, as well as Will Yang, Chief Scientific Officer, from Lenexa Medical about their innovation, the Lenexa Smart Sheet, a technique designed to detect and prevent early stage pressure injuries with patients.




Director Briefing with Dr Graeme Barnett from Qponics Limited

We spoke to Dr Graeme Barnett, CEO and Managing Director of Qponics, an agricultural company operating in the food and beverage sector producing Omega-3 essential oils from algae production.




Podcast: Ep#121 “My Brother and I are the 4th Generation of the Plarre family working in Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses. We know what it is to bake and to do it well”- (ft. Steve Plarre CEO of Ferguson Plarre Bakehouse Franchises)

We spoke to Steve Plarre who is the 4th Generation of Plarre’s and the CEO of Ferguson Plarre, an Australian owned and run bakehouse franchise first opened in 1901. Listen as Steve chats about the Ferguson Plarre Bakehouseshighlights over the years, The Ferguson Plarre business model, and the loyalty, trust and dedication Ferguson Plarre have between their franchisees and their customers.




Podcast: Ep#115 The Road Most Travelled (ft. David Keir from Freedom Road Travel Group – Discusses Strategy and Expansion Plans)“We now have over 2,600 traders on the platform in 18 months” – Director Briefing with Michael Walker from Walker Capital

We spoke to David Keir, CEO of Freedom Road Travel Group, working with BlueMount Capital. David discusses with us the nature of the travel industry in China, how Freedom Road Travel is tapping into this demand and what their success has been like to date.




Director Briefing with John O’Shea from Helio Lending Pty Ltd

We spoke to John O’Shea, Founder of Helio Lending, an innovative company that provides holders of cryptocurrency with a safe and secure way to access FIAT funds, without selling any of their cryptocurrency.




“Using a modern fit out that showcases our products, we focus highly on a customer’s shopping experience” – Stephen Lim Founder and Director of Yahweh Asian Grocery

We recently interviewed Stephen Lim, Founder and Director of Yahweh Asian Grocery, an Asian Grocery franchise with a difference. Yahweh Asian Groceries are looking to expand across Melbourne and the greater Victoria. Yahweh Asian Grocerystores are located in CarltonMoonee Ponds and Highpoint shopping centres. Read on to discover what the Yahweh point of difference is for customers in Melbourne, Stephens plans for the future and how you can enquire about a franchise opportunity with Yahweh Asian Grocery.




Director Briefing with Colin Hunt, Director of EzyAccounts

Recently, Eden Exchange spoke with Colin Hunt, who is a Director at EzyAccounts, a franchise business focusing on accounting and financial services. Colin discusses how the business came about, how EzyAccounts differentiates itself from other businesses on the market as well as what advantages an accountant gets from joining EzyAccounts as a franchisee compared to similar professionals.




Director Briefing with David Pettit from PictureWealth Pty Ltd

We spoke to David Pettit, Founder and Managing Director of Picture Wealth Pty Ltd. PictureWealth is an interactive, connected platform for people to review and learn about their money so they can better manage their financial health and wellness.




“We now have over 2,600 traders on the platform in 18 months” – Director Briefing with Michael Walker from Walker Capital

We spoke to Michael Walker, Founder, Investment Manager and Head Trader at Walker Capital, a firm that offers a managed discretionary account (MDA) service, specialising in rules based trading of derivatives.




Director Briefing with Craig Penty from Guarda Group Holdings Pty Ltd

In this Director Briefing, Craig Penty, Managing Director of Guarda Group Holdings Pty Ltd, discusses: Guarda’s innovative technologies, brands and products making concrete cutting activities and workplaces safer.




Director Briefing with Darren Szczepanski, Managing Director of AqMB Holdings Pty Ltd

In this Director Briefing, Darren Szczepanski, Managing Director of AqMB Holdings Pty Ltd discusses: Innovative water treatment software for process design, product lifecycle management and predictive compliance company outlook and strategic focus.




Director Briefing with Jay Byun – Quoss Limited

Quoss, an Australian-owned company, have been manufacturing showers, bathroom and kitchen taps for over 25 years. The company customises, designs and sells innovative shower and bathroom products and is aggressively expanding across major shopping centres.




Director Briefing with Darren Berry – The Tooth Booth Limited

In this Director Briefing, Darren Berry, Founder and Managing Director discusses: Growing brand of general and cosmetic dental clinics. Tooth Booth retail business model. Market opportunities and company development.




Douglas Bucknell – Tailored Superannuation Solutions

In this Director Briefing, Douglas discusses:  Flagship Product TTS. Automatically Optimises Superannuation Contributions for Disengaged Fund Members. Key Strengths and Recent Projects.




Podcast: Innovating the Food Supply Chain (ft. Greg McLardie from CaroMel Ltd)

We spoke to Greg McLardie, Managing Director of CaroMel Ltd who are working with Funding Strategies. CaroMel is an innovative digital platform connecting fishermen and farmers with high end restaurants in China.




Director Briefing with Drew Eide General Manager of Jamaica Blue

Eden Exchange  recently sat down with Drew Eide,  General Manager of Jamaica Blue. Drew discussed with us the growth journey of Jamaica Blue, its strategic position in Australia’s vibrant cafe and franchise sector and its philosophy for attracting, growing and supporting franchisees.




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“Eden Exchange’s Director Briefing service, marketing platforms and network have been extremely useful in exposing our clients to an engaged buyer and investor market. The extended social reach, connections and introductions resulting from the services have been extremely beneficial in helping us achieve our mandates and client requirements.” – Mark Rainbird, Director at Funding Strategies

“Your social media and marketing campaigns have been fantastic for getting traction and attracting interest in our clients’ businesses. Great work EdenExchange” – Michael Kerr, Kerr Capital, Advisor, Melbourne

As part of my role as the director of the Auctus Capital VC Fund, I have to constantly find and source the best deals available to match my investment mandates. EdenExchange is where I go to look for the niche and unique deals on the Australian market” – Neel Ganu, Director, Auctus Capital, Venture Capital Firm

“EdenExchange and BusinessBuyInvest  are great way for my clients to get visibility and connections to private buyers and  investors. I highly recommend the platform” – Paul Tontodonati, Director, Platform Advisory Partners Melbourne

“I engaged Eden Exchange to assist us in our efforts to attract high quality candidates to become licensees for our business. Once we had this defined, Eden Exchange’s service went well above and beyond what I had expected. If I were to summarise our experience with Eden Exchange – I would say they went well way beyond the “call of duty”.” – Bob McCarthy – Leadership Management Australia

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