Podcast: “Our Marketplace Is Huge, It’s Wherever The Glass Is” – (Director Briefing ft. Peter Davies, Founder and Owner of EziCleen)

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Today on Eden Exchanges we spoke to Peter Davies, who is the founder and owner of EziCleen, Australia’s leaders in glass and surface protection with licensees across the country.

 Listen as Peter talks us through his journey from discovering the opportunity,  growing a small business venture, to building EizCleen to the leading licensing opportunity it is today. Peter also discusses his vision, the importance of doing your due diligence, the market potential for EziCleen’s patented surface protection products and what he is most proud of when he sees the success of his licensees.

Peter Davies- Founder and owner of EziCleen

Discussion Points

  • Background
    Peter’s career before EziCleen and his current role
  • Right place right time
    On a business trip and discovering the patent
  •  The rights
    Organising the rights for the Ezicleen hydrophobic coating
  • What is EziCleen?
    The business and it’s application
  • The interested parties
    The market and demand for the business
  • Support systems in place
    Choosing whether to franchise or to license
  • Due Diligence
    The best approach to becoming your own boss
  • Don’t forget the partner
    Support systems and always remembering to find the right people to help get you one step closer
  • Customer bases and potential markets
    Who Peter sees as the future growth for the business and markets found on the horizon and in the cities
  • EziCleen material
    Who would make a great licensee and what it takes to become your own boss
  • Carbon Neutral and chemical free
    The eco friendly factor and what a licensee should expect
  • Proud and true
    What Peter is most proud of today in his team and the business achievements
  • Getting in touch
    How to get in touch with Peter and find out more about the business


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About EziCleen
If you desire to create a better work-life balance, more opportunities to spend time with your family, the ability to choose your own work hours and earn the type of money that you want, then an EziCleen Licensed Territory could be for you.
EziCleen also have exclusive distribution rights with other leading protective coating products that can be applied to various surfaces such as ceramics, tiles, grout, metals, natural stone or engineered stone, giving our licensees a diverse income stream.
We have minimal competition as our products can only be purchased and applied by trained licensed applicators. Click here to enquire and find out more.