Smoky Sue’s Franchise – Sydney NSW

Be Your Own Pit Boss With Smoky Sue’s

  • Streamlined and proven systems of operation for higher ROI
  • Comprehensive training program and ongoing support
  • No pretension. No wait. Just the best barbecue, Sue’s way.

Smoky Sue’s has pioneered a revolutionary way to slow cook and smoke meats to perfection every time, so anyone can enjoy the most delicious meats any night of the week.

After experiencing roaring success in Sydney, Sue’s is now looking to grow our franchise model across Australia.

Sue’s has successfully matured and optimised our offering, with a product ready to compete and thrive alongside the highest profile Fast Casual Restaurant names in the industry. New high traffic sites will benefit from the ability to leverage the learnings and opportunities of an established product that is also fresh and exciting to consumers.

Benefits of becoming a franchisee with Smoky Sue’s:

⭐️  Streamlined and proven systems of operation for higher ROI

⭐️  Comprehensive training program and ongoing support

⭐️  Established and powerful marketing presence

⭐️  Optimised design and fitout of restaurant space as well as equipment

⭐️  Playful and bold brand with broad market appeal

Meet Sue 

Smoky Sue’s is an Australian casual dining brand built upon an innovation in Fast Casual Restaurants. With a signature combination of traditional American Barbecue and the French Sous-Vide technique, we’ve created a ‘decidedly different’ product and family-friendly experience. 

The ‘Sue’ persona (taken from ‘Sous’) embodies the brand’s irreverent spirit and smouldering appeal. 

Smoky Sue’s is a collaboration between Bryopin Meats and Owen Brown. The pilot site is in Neutral Bay, with plans to grow to a 50+ unit franchise model throughout Australia, with the opportunity continuing in international markets. 

Sue’s Brand 

Smoky Sue’s has been created as a brand that will grow over time – designed to be scalable, flexible, and with broad appeal. 

The identity combines 20th century Americana cues – from comic books to automobilia – with a fresh, distinctly Antipodean approachability and progressiveness. It’s an aesthetic defined by the food itself; smoke, the yielding tenderness of the meat, and the playful marriage of old and new techniques brought to life through illustration, typography and photography with a strong sense of invention and fun. 

Smoky Sue’s and her brand are a registered Australian trademark.  

Smoky Sue’s has an intentionally broad appeal. Where traditional barbecue restaurants can be intimidatingly ‘cool’ and artisanal, we believe everyone should be able to enjoy quality barbecue, anytime. 

Beyond the growing barbecue enthusiast community, Sue’s also appeals more broadly to Women, Children, Families and all generations through her playful but accessible brand, and a menu that everyone can enjoy. This broad appeal is the key that will allow Sue to grow. 

With the Australian Fast Casual market enjoying success in adjacent cuisines – Mexican, Burgers, Ribs – our strategy is poised for American Smoked Barbecue to be next in line. 

Typical Target Investment 

Varies dependent upon individual circumstances including landlord’s site contributions, size of the premises, level and type of equipment, and can range from AUD$250,000 to $500,000 plus GST in Australia. 

Target Site 

  • 80 Seats
  • 150 – 300 sqm
  • Ample public access
  • Car parking
  • Great site with a good Tenancy mix
  • Three phase power
  • Air conditioning
  • Grease tra 
  • Extraction Gas line
  • 5 year lease

Support Operations 

Smoky Sue’s operations have been designed to be simple making it easy to execute and to train. All of our systems and processes have been streamlined to deliver the very best return on investment in class. 

What does this mean? Our yields are better giving more serves per kg of meat than any other comparable barbecue business, which means you make more money! 

The time and infrastructure required is less than comparable BBQ businesses and other fast casual dining restaurants, this translates into lower labour and operational costs. 

Conventional BBQ operations require a minimal 12 hours of skilled labour to man a barbecue, our operation can do the same in less than 3 hours. While still being true to Low and slow cooking. The taste is on the plate and we consistently deliver Juicy, American style Barbecue, Sue’s way. 

Our unique cooking process delivers significant efficiencies, a smaller kitchen and a significantly lower equipment requirement which keeps set up costs down, lower rental costs and an ability to serve more customers, more quickly due to our speed of service. We have done the hard work to negotiate the best deals with our approved suppliers so you won’t have too. This makes it easy to order your pantry list and have the comfort of receiving the right product, support and knowledge to back it. Our suppliers too are our partners in business, knowing our success is their success. 


Smoky Sues boasts an online presence that others can only aspire to. Social media is the new marketing playground and Sue is energetically playing along with enormous reach and strong engagement from followers on Facebook & Instagram. Sue’s website is unique and tells her story while proudly enticing onlookers with food photography to make your mouth water.  

Sues is unique. No one does Barbecue like she does. Because of this people want to tell our story. We will build on the success of amplifying our story via PR media agents like Food Bible & Insider. 


We have a comprehensive training program that includes documented procedures, training manuals, videos and a solid on-the-floor coaching program. 

When starting you journey with Smoky Sue’s we expect our partners prior to opening their Restaurant to work in an approved training location for 6 weeks. We also encourage you to have key team members participate in the training This will allows you to feel comfortable when the you receive the keys to your restaurant to be confident in delivering first class Barbecue, service and experience to your hungry guests. 

By the end of the 6 weeks, you will have acquired the skills and knowledge in all areas of store operations and be guided to establish effective systems and procedures to ensure the smooth running of your Restaurant. You will also be shown simple and highly effective business management principles, such as establishing an effective marketing plan, to ensure the success of your business. The goal of this franchise training program is to have you trained and set up in your own store within 8 weeks. To do this, each week we will give you a set of skills which you need to acquire and practise over that week. 

Operational tools and resources 

Our manuals, videos and cheat sheets have been developed by seasoned masters in their own field and provide easy reference for each aspect of Smoky Sue’s. This will assist you and the team to get up to speed quickly and confidently. 

Our technology partners include Kounta, (POS) Deputy (Payroll), Floodlight Analytics and Xero (accounting) which integrate beautifully with one another to give 1st class reporting on KPI’s and controllable costs such as COGS & Labour giving us transparency to having meaningful conversations about driving your business. It also enables you to be more focused on achieving better profits with less administrative efforts. 

We are passionate about taking Sue to the next level. With hard work, integrity, and some bloody incredible barbecue, we know that the Sue we’re already proud of is capable of truly amazing things. We hope you’ll join us for the ride.