Securing Your Future via a Billion Dollar Industry – Demand for Home Security Spiking in Australia

As demand for home security increases in Australia, franchise operators have stepped in to service increasing public concerns about home safety..

Most Australians are relatively relaxed when it comes to security at home, but with an estimated 200,000 break-ins a year we are long overdue for a change in thinking. A survey conducted by Crime Stoppers found staggering results into our home security or lack thereof. A whopping 40% of Australians have had their homes broken into.

Australia was recorded in 2016 as having a 43.8% crime rate with a 56.88% rate in public safety, placing Australia significantly behind New Zealand, according to the Numbeo global crime index. According to an article by ILA Security Australia (2016), the need for increased home security has extended far beyond ‘blue-chip’ residential areas where luxury cars, jewellery, artworks, and other high-priced valuables are typically stored. Today, any home in any average suburb town could be targeted for burglary and car theft via home invasion involving acts of violence or threat and trauma to residents and their families.

A whopping 40% of Australians have had their homes broken into.

These are increasingly likely incidents as reported in the Age on 15 July 2016, when a father of two, locked his wife and children in the bathroom and “pleaded with the burglars not to harm his family” when intruders were found to have entered the home at 3am, while the family had been sleeping.

Jim’s Targets the Lucrative Security Market 

The drive for security is endemic in Australian cities in 2017.  According to research firm IBISWorld the industry is currently worth $6 billion dollars and employs over 54,000 people. This boom is expected to continue. IHS, a global information company, in their analysis expect  the surveillance video market will surpass $2.5 billion by 2020.

The large market has seen savvy business operators organise themselves to get a slice of the lucrative security market A brand that has emerged on the forefront of this boom is Jim’s Security.  The largest brand in services in Australia, Jims, has entered the security industry in a big way. If you are looking for an opportunity to secure your future, look no further. (Apologies for the pun).

The power of the brand has meant, that Jim’s Security has negotiated excellent preferential pricing from leading security systems manufacturers and distributors as well as a strategic alliance with a preferred supplier of alarm system monitoring.

The Jim’s Security franchise provides a one shop stop when it come to security, with the ability to install, advise and sell anything from CCTV, Alarms, Monitoring Services, Access Control and Intercoms.

This buying power has allowed the Jim’s Security franchise to provide a one shop stop security solutions which can often be difficult for smaller businesses to replicate. Franchisees service customers using only reliable state-of-the-art systems. With the ability to install, advise and sell anything from CCTV, Alarms, Monitoring Services, Access Control and Intercoms, the franchise is staking a solid claim as the leading specialist provider of integrated security solutions in the country.

Security Licensing Requirements 

Security in Australia is under strict licensing laws. Each state and territory has its own licensing requirements and regulator.If you do have a license then your  journey into business ownership in the sector is is much easier. If you do not have a security license, there are a few hoops to jump through. To find out more about license requirements in your state, please click here.

There are opportunities for both Franchisors and Franchisees all over Australia, please see click on the link below to take the first step.

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