SA swim school entrepreneurs changing lives: Meet Sharyn and Geoff Loller from JUMP! Swim Schools Hackham

“What I liked was the actual philosophy … and we both liked the program. We flew to Queensland and had a look at JUMP! Miami and JUMP! Southport and we loved it!”

Every child should have the opportunity to learn to swim, and JUMP! Hackham has quickly become popular for children with special needs.

Owners Sharyn and Geoff Loller have seen many miracles occur in the pool thanks to JUMP! Swim Schools’ small class sizes and intimate learning environment.

After less than a year of trading, JUMP! Hackham won the Australian Swim Schools Association Inclusive Swimming Award for 2016.

“You can be having the roughest day — but then you get in the pool and everything melts away.”

Sharyn and Geoff opened JUMP! Hackham in January 2016, with just 150 students. In the space of one year, they developed the  business into a thriving swim school with over 500 little swimmers.  The Lollers are opening their second JUMP! Swim School franchise in late 2017, with a third highly likely in 2018.

Prior to owning a JUMP! Swim School, Sharyn and Geoff were both part-time workers. Sharyn was a swimming teacher for 26 years, and Geoff was a builder.

Since opening their swim school at the beginning of 2016, Sharyn explained “We don’t have to both be there all the time, and I go to university 1.5 days a week to teach so it’s good to have both of us involved.”

Sharyn’s favourite part about owning a JUMP! Swim School is the teaching and getting involved with the kids.

Sharyn says, “Since returning to Adelaide a few years ago, I was never happy with the standard of swimming lessons in Adelaide and I knew I could do a better job, so I looked for swim schools for sale and came across JUMP!.

JUMP!’s franchising model gave Sharyn the opportunity to join her love for swimming, including over two decades of aquatic education experience, with her strong customer service background, business acumen and a degree in Sport and Recreation Management.

The couple have four children and five grandchildren. Three of their children are now employed at JUMP! Swim Schools Hackham, taking the meaning of family-run business to new heights.


About JUMP! Swim Schools

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