Royal Commission Rattles Aged Care Sector: Shift towards trusted in-home care options as the industry gears towards a change for the better

After a staggering number of allegations of inadequate care occurring within Australia’s aged care sector, there has been a Royal Commission launched into the quality and safety of this nation’s aged care. Voices from within the industry have long been calling out for an increase in resources, whilst discoveries from patients’ loved ones have revealed some harrowing tales of neglect and abuse experienced by elderly Australians in care. The impact of the Royal Commission is already being seen in the Australian government, with politicians proposing new policies in order to improve the industry before the release of the final reports.

Claims of neglect and abuse from family members of elderly Australians in care reveal an aged care system in crisis. There have been proven cases of patients being abandoned in their beds for hours, restricted access to hygiene products, severe dental deterioration and even physical abuse. Many of these claims have been substantiated by the families’ decision to hide cameras and other recording devices in aged-care suites as well as the records kept by the facilities themselves.

There have been proven cases of patients being abandoned in their beds for hours, restricted access to hygiene products, severe dental deterioration and even physical abuse.

Another issue likely to be of focus in the Royal Commission is the quality of the food served to the patients. According to a recent study by the Dietitians Association of Australia, nursing homes devote an average of $6.08 on food per person per day; whilst prisons comparatively spend $8.25 on food for a prisoner each day. This has stoked the already considerable outrage the Australian public has been vocalising surrounding the lack of resources and care put towards our aged citizens.

These recent scandals in aged care have contributed to a shift towards in-home aged care options. Simply Helping is Australia’s leading provider of individualised in-home support and aged care services. Director of Simply Helping, Angela Freery-Richards says, “it’s wonderful to now see what they call ‘consumer directed care’, which means that the consumer, the client themselves, or their family can actually choose who they want to either manage their plans …or to provide services.”

The call for more trustworthy in-home aged care options is soaring hand in hand with Australia’s ageing population. According to Councils on the Ageing (COTA) Australia, it is estimated that by the year 2055 almost 23% of Australia’s population will be aged 65 years or older. The surging demand for aged care services is ever-increasing, with an estimated 60% of advanced age Australians currently choosing to receive formal care in their homes.

Director of Simply Helping, Angela Freery-Richards says, “it’s wonderful to now see what they call ‘consumer directed care’ ”

Australia’s politicians have been announcing proposed changes to the sector ahead of the Royal Commission. Prime Minister Scott Morrison has announced that 10,000 home care packages will be released as part of a proposed $553 million aged care boost. With Australia’s aged care becoming a major pressure point within Australia’s political climate, the government is striving to demonstrate that they are addressing the issues rife within the aged care industry. This policy in particular aims to cater to Australia’s elderly and their desire to receive their care in their homes, rather than entering into nursing facilities.

The Royal Commission has incited a rise in demand for trusted in-home care providers within the aged care sector. “We understand that older Australians prefer to receive support and services in their own home and live independently for as long as possible” Scott Morrison said in a joint statement with health minister Greg Hunt and aged care minister Ken Wyatt.

Simply Helping is an Australian owned company that has established a reputation for the quality provision of in-home care and support services to older Australians. Founded in 1998 in regional Victoria, Simply Helping has gained extensive experience and understanding of the Australian healthcare system.

The Royal Commission means a rise in demand for the aged care sector, as well as in trusted in-home care providers. 

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Simply Helping sets itself apart in the aged care industry by providing ongoing mentoring and support to its employees through its experienced professional corporate and franchise support staff.  Director Angela Freery-Richards says that “training and documented industry-compliant business systems, policies and procedures are provided to actively support our management franchisees.”

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Simply Helping was founded by Angela Feery-Richards in Australia back in 1998. Angela has an extensive background in the health industry spanning 35 years as a health professional within the private and the public sector. Simply Helping has developed as a company of integrity to provide a suite of services to individuals and families using professional and trusted carers within an environment of caring and meeting the needs and wants of its clients.

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