Profitable Grocery, Take-Away, Bakery & Fuel Business in Tourist Destination


  • Long lease on a prime beach front location in a world class tourism destination, famous for being the first town in Australia to go plastic bag free.
  • Tourism is expected to keep growing on the back of a global reputation as an outstanding clean & green, produce rich destination.
  • The business has 4 different sources of revenue. There are real opportunities for a new owner to grow total revenue by using the significant leasehold space and equipment in different ways.


Coles Bay Group (comprising Coles Bay Express & Freycinet Bakery) is now for sale for the first time, having been established by the current owner 23 years ago. The current owner runs the business with the support of a small number of full time staff and a large complement of casuals, comprising both locals and backpackers. As a significant tourist destination finding casual staff is relatively easy to support the seasonality of the business where revenue peaks in the January – March quarter and quietens in the July – September quarter.

The combined businesses are profitable but there is significant scope to innovate the business and improve financial performance.

As a destination Coles Bay is set to benefit from growing visitation to and interest in Tasmania. Coles Bay Group is an outstanding business opportunity, underpinned by its diverse revenue streams, prime location and long lease.

Further detailed financial and operational information is available.


You may contact:

Michael Kerr
Kerr Capital
0416 213 300