Podcast:Ep#35 Franchising For The Right Reasons (ft John Brownsdon from James’ Home Services Sunshine Coast, QLD)

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Why choose franchising? We spoke to John Brownsdon from   James’ Home Services on the Sunshine Coast. John recounts his journey to the business, his early days with James’ Home Services and his time as a trainer and Franchisor.

John talks about the benefits of the service that James’ Home Services offers and why becoming a franchisee for the right reasons is important. Listen out for details on franchising with James’ Homes Services and what’s required to run your own successful business.

John Brownsdon- Franchisor for James’ Home Services in Sunshine Coast

Discussion points:

  • John’s job as a chef before James’ Home Services
  • The early days with James’ Home Services
  • Meeting Vicki and expanding the business
  • Moving on from James’ Home Services
  • The road back to James’ Home Services
  • Owning multiple territories with James’ Home Services
  • What it is like to be a trainer forJames’ Home Services
  • Beyond the service and relationships with customers
  • John talks about the challenges of training diverse franchisees
  • Getting into franchising for the right reasons
  • How James’ can be a family business
  • Plans in 2018 for James’ Home Services
  • Where the service industry will be in 5 years
  • The flexibility and acceptance in difficult times
  • What territories are up for grabs
  • What to know about new year resolution enquiries

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About James’ Home Services

James’ Home Services gives you the chance to create your own successful franchise business even if you have no experience or prior training. As a James Home Services Franchisee, you will have a hands on, practical service role, dealing directly with clients, and building up your cash flow with repeat business from satisfied customers. Our systems and research have proven that rather than attempt to provide all services, you will be faster, busier, and better at your job by focusing on just one. That’s why we will teach you how to become a professional specialist in one of the service areas listed below. Click here for more information.