Podcast:Ep#265 A unique opportunity, bustling with huge revenue potential, in a highly demanded industry. Join us as we chat about the opportunity of running your own Ecomist Franchise (Ft. Gary Vandoros, General Manager of Ecomist)

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Hi everyone and welcome back to another episode of Eden Exchanges, the business journey podcast by Eden Exchange. Today, we spoke with Gary Vandoros, the General Manager of Ecomist – the number one insect control, odour removal and fragrancing specialists in Australia. Tune in to discover more about Ecomist and their premium products and services, what owning a franchise with Ecomist looks like, what a franchisee can look forward to when they join Ecomist, more about the pest control, fragrancing and odour removal industry, how Ecomist has jumped ahead of the competition, Gary’s advice for those seeking to start their own business and more!

Discussion Points:

Gary Vandoros – General Manager of Ecomist Australia
  • Innovating an industry
    Ecomist has been operating for 25 years. Gary delves into the innovations that the brand brought to the market and how it has grown worldwide
  • A sense of freedom and pride
    The most rewarding part about getting involved with Ecomist and how the business’s momentum isn’t slowing down
  • Premium products
    Gary describes the award-winning, best in-class products and services that Ecomist provides to its customers
  • Franchise difference
    What sets Ecomist apart from other franchises? What new franchisees can expect when joining – don’t need to start from scratch!
  • Tailored training
    The proven business model that allows franchisees to learn about the products and how to market them effectively
  • Mapping and selling
    The franchise growth strategy that allows Ecomist to bring in new franchisees while growing sales with existing customers
  • The ideal franchisee
    Gary describes what he is looking for in a franchisee, and more importantly what he doesn’t want
  • Expert Advice
    The guidance Gary would give someone who is thinking about buying any business
  • And so much more

Useful Links

About Ecomist Australia

Established in 1993, Ecomist Australia is a leading provider of premium quality hygiene products and services to commercial and residential properties. Their ultimate aim is to improve the businesses of their commercial customers and homes of their domestic customers by enhancing their environments through their unique products and services. They specialise in fragrancing, odour control and insect control and believe they offer the best solutions on the market. The fragrances contain an odour neutraliser that combines with odour particles and effectively neutralises them. The insect control solution is made from natural pyrethrins derived from the Chrysanthemum Daisy and is safe to use around people, food and pets. Ecomist also supplies a range of high quality hygiene products which allow their customers to achieve best practice hygiene. 

The business started in New Zealand by two entrepreneurs who invented the original automatic insect control dispenser. Shortly afterwards, they teamed up with a French perfumist who developed a range of 30 fragrances to suit any environment. The Ecomist dispenser was recognized by the Australia and New Zealand Aerosol Associations as the best new product invention in 1997, and has undergone several refinements since then to improve the product and services they offer. Today, their stylish dispensers are fully programmable and have solenoid valves which eject small volumes of fine particles that stay in the air longer for greater effect.