Podcast:Ep#260 Discover your taste for success with a Taste Success licensed opportunity, a meal plan and wellness program ready to go from day one (Ft. Tracey Loughran, Director of Taste Success)

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Today on Eden Exchanges, we spoke to Tracey Loughran, who is the Director of Taste Success, a provider of healthy meal plans and wellbeing solutions across Australia and New Zealand. Listen as Tracey chats about nutrition and wellbeing, the SME sector in New Zealand and Australia, the sophistication of the licensed model, who the business is designed for, her advice on becoming a business owner and why you will love the Taste Success business opportunity too.

Tracey Loughran – Director of Taste Success

Discussion Points:

  • Food Trend
    Tracey talks about dynamic trends like super foods, veggies boxes, healthy meal plans as nutrition first solutions towards health and wellbeing.
  • Professional Background & Health Wellness sector
    She shares about how she became fully-immersed and passionate about health and wellbeing, her family’s strong ties with medicine, and how she shifted from working as an accountant for big corporations to a practicing naturopath with 16 years experience and the director of a wellness meal plan business, Taste Success.
  • Decision to launch a new wellness Meal Plan Business
    After preparing numerous individualised nutrition plans and with lots of support, encouragement, and positive feedback from current clients with busy lifestyles, she decided to bring accessible and easy to prepare nutrition plans to a wider audience.
  • The unique selling proposition of Taste Success
    Taste Success has ensures that licensees get the best support in the industry. Franchisees are provided with regular coaching, business mentorship, social media support, and programs proven to get good results and achieve their goals within the model.
  • The unique design of the Taste Success business model
    The Taste Success model works best for licensees who understand the importance of health of nutrition in health. This is an opportunity for professionals and business owners in the health and wellness sector to integrate nutrition services in house.
  • Taste Success is a must have business opportunity
    If you are looking to add an extra income revenue while giving back to your community and helping people change their health and wellbeing for the better, then Taste Success is a must have service in your business!

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About Taste Success

With an infinite passion for communicating on health issues, and a deep compassion for others, Naturopath and Taste Success Director, Tracey Loughran has a reputation for making a profound difference to people’s lives.  She firmly believes that nutrition is the foundation of a healthy body and soul. 

After over 15 years in full time clinical practice as a Naturopath, seeing people struggle to get healthy meals sorted amongst their busy lives, Tracey recognised the need for an easy, wholefoods-based eating programme that would really help clients of her Naturopathic practice to take control of their health and live well. She developed the Taste Success programme, and since initially utilising it successfully in her own clinic, the programme has grown quite remarkably. It is now used by people throughout New Zealand, and reaching out to Canada, USA and Australia.