Podcast: Scratching the Surface (ft. Glen Hawken from Touch Up Guys)

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Glen Hawken, CEO of Touch Up Guys

In this episode of Eden Exchanges we spoke to Glen Hawken from Touch Up Guys, a mobile car detailing franchise system, about the evolution of the business, their successes, and current opportunities in the car detailing industry.

Key Points

  • The beginnings and evolution of Touch Up Guys
  • How the service works
  • Where most of the demand comes from
  • Getting the name out there & new audiences – “We’ve only just scratched the surface.”
  • Goals for the next couple of years
  • Changing customer base
  • Family values in the business
  • Customer relationships
  • Backgrounds, skills and interests of typical franchisees
  • Priorities in the business
  • Training process for franchisees
  • Where the industry is headed
  • Recruitment goals
  • Financial commitment for new franchisees
  • Applicant financing programs
  • How to contact Touch Up Guys

Useful Links

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About Touch Up Guys

Touch Up Guys are Australia’s Favourite Mobile Paint & Bumper Repair Specialists. Providing a time-convenient mobile car paint repair service for over 25 years, Touch Up Guys are proud to have provided over 2 million services and we’ve only just scratched the surface. You can trust our team of over 100 owner/operators across Australia, New Zealand and the USA.