Podcast: Ep#106 “It’s about the quality of care expected from an in-home carer, and keeping the costs of convenience affordable” (ft. Aaron Thomas Simply Helping Franchisee for Gippsland South and West)

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Today on Eden Exchanges we were joined by Aaron Thomas who is a franchisee for in-home care franchise Simply Helping in Gippsland’s South and West. Aaron describes the importance and the impact of his work with Simply Helping and how despite being busy he still maintains a work life balance. Keep listening to find out more about the Simply Helping franchise.

Aaron Thomas- Simply Helping Franchisee for Gippsland South and West

Discussion Points:

  • Background:
    Aaron’s professional background
  • Simply Helping
    What it is, how it came about and how it was formed
  • The care quality in Gippsland
    What the quality of care is like in regional Victoria
  • Demand for Simply Helping
    How Aaron services his growing client base
  • Simply Helping clients
    Aaron describes his customers and the types of services he and his team provide
  • Why Aaron chose Simply Helping
    Aaron lists the factors that made him sign the dotted line with a Simply Helping franchise business
  • Work life balance in an in-demand sector
    How Aaron balances full-time working hours with his family time with the help of his team
  • A typical week in the life
    Aaron describes his weekly schedule and his times in the office and out in the field
  • Delegating is the key
    Aaron describes how he couldn’t of coped with the demand for in-home care without his team there to support him
  •  Training and support
    The training and support that is provided to every franchisee and the continuing support throughout
  • What drives Aaron?
    Why Aaron loves his franchise and the clients he helps.
  • Rule of thumb
    Aaron offers advice to the budding franchise and lists his check -ist for success.

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About Simply Helping

Simply Helping was founded by Angela Feery-Richards in Australia back in 1998. Angela has an extensive background in the health industry spanning 35 years as a health professional within the private and the public sector. Simply Helping has developed as a company of integrity to provide a suite of services to individuals and families using professional and trusted carers within an environment of caring and meeting the needs and wants of its clients.

See full business listing here.