Podcast: Innovating the Food Supply Chain (ft. Greg McLardie from CaroMel Ltd)

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Managing Director- Greg McLardie of CaroMel Ltd, who spoke to us about his exciting new business

In this episode of Eden Exchanges we spoke to Greg McLardie, Managing Director of CaroMel Ltd who are working with Funding Strategies. CaroMel is an innovative digital platform connecting fishermen and farmers with high end restaurants in China. Hear Greg talk through his exciting new concept, set to disrupt the supply chain to improve traceability, quality and profitability.

Discussion Points

  • What is CaroMel?
  • Greg’s eclectic background and how that led to him starting the company
  • Inspiration for the concept
  • Spreading the word & getting the industry on board with the concept
  • Moving the concept to a workable solution
  • Who benefits from CaroMel
  • Importance on food provenance and regulations
  • Cutting through ‘the grey channel’, e.g. illegal supply chain operations
  • Poor conditions of fish in transport
  • A system that creates transparency
  • Digitizing everything
  • Transparency and trackability of food is at the core
  • How the technology is being put together
  • What stage the business is at and upcoming launch
  • Forming relationships & doing business in China
  • Board of directors
  • Their CEO in China
  • How to get in touch with Funding Strategies if you are interested

Useful Links

About CaroMel Ltd

CaroMel Ltd aims to connect fishermen and farmers directly to high-end restaurants and their end consumers. Initially the Company will focus on the supply of Southern Rock Lobster (SRL) and Abalone to high-end restaurants in China. To find out more about CaroMel Ltd click here.

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