Podcast: How to Ace a Franchise (ft. Alan Dean from Sportzing)

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SummaryAlan Dean from Sportzing

In this episode of Eden Exchanges we spoke with Alan Dean who heads up Sportzing Court Care Services, a franchise in the niche market of tennis court servicing and maintenance, rapidly expanding their network across Australia. We wanted to find out what qualities Alan is looking for in new franchisees, what someone can expect from starting a franchise with Sportzing, and what goals the company has for growth.

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Key Points

  • How Alan first gravitated towards business and franchising
  • What first attracted Alan to Sportzing, the concept of business or tennis itself?
  • Lessons learned while growing the business and brand
  • What are the qualities of right franchisee?
  • Attitude vs skills
  • Typical profile of a franchisee
  • Reasons for the temporary entry price drop
  • What are the demographics for Sportzing?
  • Where is the Australian franchise sector heading? What’s driving it?
  • The steps to becoming a franchisee
  • Sportzing’s goals for the future and vision
  • What would someone get for investing their money and time into a Sportzing franchise?
  • How to find out more information

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Sportzing Court Care was established in 1994. They know how to take care of tennis courts AND how to help their franchisees to grow a successful business.

They are a niche business specialising in the care and maintenance of tennis courts, both artificial grass surfaces and hard court surfaces.

They use world class technology that clients love the results of, and provide a professional service and commitment to quality work and exceptional customer service.