Podcast: Ep#142 Good SEO is a site to be seen with our expert help (Ft. Jennifer O’Kane, Founder and Director of Vivere Marketing)

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The better your digital presence the more your business is worth. Today Eden Exchanges we spoke to Jennifer O’Kane who is the Founder and Director of Vivere Marketing, a SEO specialist marketing agency in Australia. In this podcast, Jennifer highlights the importance of effective SEO, how Vivere Marketing was established, what you can do to better your SEO and the difference high performing SEO can make to your business. Listen to discover more.

Discussion Points:

Jennifer O’Kane – Founder and Director of Vivere Marketing
  • Background
    Professional background and interest in the SEO and marketing sector
  • What is Vivere Marketing?
    What is Vivere Marketing and how does it work
  • Experience and approach
    How Jennifers experience in marketing and e-commerce influenced her perspective and approach to SEO
  • The visibility that matter
    Why visibility of your business matters and how it can improve the value of your business
  • Google partner status
    What is Google premium parter status and what it means for your business model and customers
  • Standing apart from your competitors
    What sets Vivere Marketing apart from its competitors in the industry
  • The greatest demand
    Where the greatest demand is for Vivere Marketing and the market response to date
  • The most interesting part of the job
    What Jennifer describes as the most interesting part of her job and working with high profile clients
  • The key market trends on point
    What trends and opportunities business owners and operators should be looking out for
  • The most interesting part of the job
    What Jennifer describes as the most interesting part of her job and working with high profile clients
  • Loving the job
    What Jennifer loves most about her job and working in the SEO marketing sector as a small business owner
  • The best piece of advice
    Jennifer offers her best piece of advice about SEO development and how to get in touch

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About the Business

Vivere Marketing is proud to announce that we recently achieved Google Premier Partner Status. To maintain the title, we are required to keep up to date with the latest Google products and qualifications, signifying our commitment to being a pioneer in our field. Plus, Premier Partners also receive exclusive training and product updates directly from Google—giving us a gateway to the best resources to help your business succeed. We’re confident in the high quality of our services and we are excited to work more closely than ever before with Google to provide you with the most innovative digital marketing strategies for your business.

Vivere Marketing is based in Cronulla, just 30 minutes from the Sydney CBD. We provide professional SEO services so you can be visible on the first page of Google.